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ProfessortallguyProfessortallguy Registered User new member
I know that PA has considered another PAX on the west coast.
While I think that San Francisco is probably the best place for another main event PAX, I would like them to consider Portland as another site for PAX unplugged.
We're close enough to Seattle for team PA and Wizards of the Coast to come down, and also analog gaming is very big here.
How can I convince Mike and Jerry?


  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    I am not sure they are who you have to convince! PAX is run by a very large team of people between Penny Arcade and Reed Expo. They're regularly evaluating a variety of factors when it comes to the existing and any new pax shows. Given that everyone wants a new pax in their hometown (including me!), I'm not sure this specific interest is relevant to where they should put it :)

  • TamwulfTamwulf Registered User regular
    Wizards of the Coast doesn't do PAX anymore, and adding another PAX to the Pacific Northwest would have to be in the winter time, like between Dec-Mar, which is the worst weather time of year for the area. And where would they hold it in Portland? The Modacenter? Not during Basketball season, and its not really set up for a convention like this. Portland Expo center? Might be big enough, but the closest hotels are miles away, and the Expo Center is not exactly in the best part of town, nor is it supported by the train system. Buses only. Restaurants are also miles away. Finally, I wouldn't want to have to deal with all the homeless people, the Protesters and counter Protesters that would undoubtedly show up to protest whatever, and the sheer amount of people that would insist on being able to bring their dogs with them into the convention center.

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  • alchahestalchahest Edmonton, CanadaRegistered User regular
    PAX Canada! bring it up to Edmonton, there's tons of hotels, a world class arena, and great food. a large convention center right in the scenic river valley, and a burgeoning tabletop community supported by multiple board game cafes and specialty stores.

    *not paid for by the City of Edmonton

  • vidvid Hot Dog Wizard Registered User regular
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    Tamwulf wrote: »
    Wizards of the Coast doesn't do PAX anymore

    WOTC absolutely continues to be involved in PAX. They lacked involvement in West 2017 for several reasons, but even a cursory search will show that they're still prominently on the exhibitors list for PAX Unplugged.

    You also seem to have some pretty questionable ideas about Portland, but that's a different discussion altogether.

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  • DominoDomino Keizen Mikazuki New York, NYRegistered User regular
    Wouldn't it be better to be in LA or something if on the West Coast?

    Pax West, Dev - Seattle
    Pax East - Boston
    Pax South - Texas (don't know where)
    Pax Unplugged - Philadelphia

    And the oddball that's been around for a while
    Pax Aus - Melbourne

    To me it seems the Southeast, Midwest, and Southern California (maybe all the way to Las Vegas) is lacking an event. Not that I'm an organizer, but I'd assume these areas would/should be looked at first. Gencon offers direct competition to Pax though in Indiana.

  • BekerBeker Child's Play Program Director SeattleRegistered User, Penny Arcade Staff regular
    I think you will find that Gencon as it has been has a pretty different feel from PAX Unplugged. One of the benefits of that area is there are a lot of people, more then enough to populate multiple shows.

    The handful of times we have added a new PAX, we have spent months considering options, weighing pros and cons. Its not something that we decide just based on what would be cool. In an infinite universe, anything is possible, but I would not look for Unplugged moving anytime soon.

  • SchmulkiSchmulki Registered User regular
    Beker wrote: »
    but I would not look for Unplugged moving anytime soon.

    As someone who is really into board/card games and is right around Philly, that statement makes me VERY happy :D

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