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Recommendations for online backup/storage?

What's the general opinion for the various options available online backup/storage?

I have quite a bit of photos dating that up to now have been sitting on hard drive backups. It's probably time to bring my backup technology up to the 21st century (or at least have an off-site backup).

The most straightforward option seems to be Google or Amazon. However I also see more specialized options like BlackBlaze and CrashPlan. Anybody have experiences or insight to share?


  • ShadowfireShadowfire Vermont, in the middle of nowhereRegistered User regular
    Backblaze is fine, as is Carbonite. Crashplan no longer offers home service, they're business only.

    If you're just looking to back up pictures, I've been pretty happy with Google Photos. They back up from my phone automatically when I'm on WiFi, and I can pull them easily enough every month or so to get a local backup made as well.

    WiiU: Windrunner ; Guild Wars 2: Shadowfire.3940 ; PSN: Bradcopter
  • AkilaeAkilae Registered User regular
    Thanks for your input! My goal is primarily to backup the raw files generated by the camera. The ability to view them is tangential.

  • wunderbarwunderbar What Have I Done? Registered User regular
    Ive been on carbonite for years. I honestly can't say they're better or worse than anything else, just what I've always used.

    XBL: thewunderbar PSN: thewunderbar NNID: thewunderbar Steam: wunderbar87 Twitter: wunderbar
  • Jimmy KingJimmy King Registered User regular
    I am actually using Crashplan's small business plan. I was a crashplan home customer. It is a bit pricier than the others. The main thing I like about them over others is that they keep all of your copies of files as opposed to, say, carbonite which only guarantees the latest 3 versions. It's minor, but I'm a worrier. The home version was also very competitively priced once you added in things like being able to get a physical drive sent to you, etc. which jacks up the cost of carbonite quite a bit.

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