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Penny Arcade - Comic - It Him

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imagePenny Arcade - Comic - It Him

Videogaming-related online strip by Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins. Includes news and commentary.

Read the full story here

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  • poipoigirlpoipoigirl Registered User regular
    I don't blame him.

  • SharpEdgeSharpEdge Registered User regular
    edited October 2017
    Is there an error in the post or some secret paragraph about Switch, Tycho hid in the broken Metacritic link?

    ", ARMS, and it's not going anywhere. I remember when you'd endure wave upon wave of shredding, mercenary launch shrapnel until you could seize the life-saving buoy of a tentpole release. Now, Mario Odyssey has to contend with a phalanx of addictive play in a spectrum of playstyles. I'm still playing Has Been Heroes. Still. But, Tworko - I thought it haz..."

    ...then it cuts off. There is also no link back to the comic in the post itself. Which is unusual.

    Edit: Looks like it's fixed. I'll remove the image.

    Edit Twice: How could I have been so blind to such beauty...?

    "(I have been told that for several hours the entire post was a single, gigantic link. I did this as a radical UI concept, to maximize the surface area of the hypertext. Gabriel said it looked like a “broken link.” Pearls before swine.)" - Lifelikeness

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  • YoungFreyYoungFrey Registered User regular
    edited October 2017
    It's a mistake. The dig on the Metacritic of 53 is about Has-Been Heroes, not Steamworld Dig 2. I assume he just accidentally kept typing inside the URL for the comic. The link is there in the source, it's just rendered non-functional by the other text.

    And speaking of Has-Been Heroes, it only has a Critic's Meta Score of 53. The User rating is in the 80s. I find that kind of disparity interesting. The other way (when critics score a game more highly than users) is usually due to some internet rage (no-LAN support, private servers, etc ...). But when it's critics that don't dig it, it's either because there are great aspects to a flawed game situation (Deadly Premonition), or the game just doesn't fit in the usual boxes and it seems like the critics can't handle that. And I find they usually come around in time.

    YoungFrey on
  • QuidQuid Definitely not a banana Registered User regular
    I can't be the only one that thought of this can I



    That this game exists is awesome regardless.

    TofystedethCambiatadoomybearAndy JoecB557
  • MaximumSquidMaximumSquid Registered User regular
    I just got done watching Kong so seeing the above screenshots is somewhat amusing

  • dennisdennis aka bingley Registered User regular
    I note that "Hidden My Game By Mom" has been renamed to "Mom Hid My Game!" for Switch release, because they don't allow word salad apparently.

  • MichaelLCMichaelLC In what furnace was thy brain? ChicagoRegistered User regular
    dennis wrote: »
    I note that "Hidden My Game By Mom" has been renamed to "Mom Hid My Game!" for Switch release, because they don't allow word salad apparently.

    Or they thought it sounded like an AO game.

  • btwbtw Registered User new member

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