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Batman vs Orcs 2: Shadow of Wardor



  • Undead ScottsmanUndead Scottsman Registered User regular
    Peewi wrote: »
    Is act 4 the end game or is it after that?

    I was hoping there'd be something new after defending each fort, but it was just two forts getting attacked at the same time.

    That's it.
    You'll eventually be doing 3 sieges a stage, and then 4 in the final stage)

    Also, getting killed during one of those sieges completely blows. Defenses were too good and the troops couldn't penetrate it, so I was mostly on my own out in the field, went to run away but a stupid grunt tagged me at the last second.

  • Undead ScottsmanUndead Scottsman Registered User regular
    edited October 2017
    Having to get as many elite and legendary orcs as possible has lead to my crack team to become a cracked team, as every iron willed Elite/Legendary Orc (and every betrayer) proceeds to get 2-4 shamings so I can mind control them. It's gotten to the point where I'm sending out deranged orcs to fight other deranged orcs and it's gotten completely stupid.

    Orc 1: "ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!"
    Orc 2: *Manical laughter*

    Orc 3: SHUT UP!
    Orc 4: The Kettle! Mice! Squeeky Squeeky!

    The best one was a dude called "The Pain Seeker" who was constantly talking about how much he liked feeling pain. Aftering getting deranged, became "The Painless" and could only cry out about how he couldn't feel anything.

    Undead Scottsman on
  • MaddocMaddoc I'm Bobbin Threadbare, are you my mother? Registered User regular
    I'm more invested in avenging people when I see names from my friend list

    What I'm saying is if you have me friended on Steam, get out there and get dying already

    97H9G7S.png PSN - Masked Unit | FFXIV - Laitarne Gilgamesh
  • ButtersButters A glass of some milks Registered User regular
    Prohass wrote: »
    I feel like I'm the only one who loved this whole dumb story, act three and four is just delightfully over the top and awesome. I'm a lord of the rings nerd but I genuinely thought it was neat and good fun. My only issue is (act 4 spoiler)
    as much as I love wraith talion, is that the only skin option for the act 4 mode?

    Also I love getting notifications that people failed while attacking my fort. Mwahahaa

    I'm not too bothered by it either but I didn't come here for story. I came here to rip orcs apart and make other orcs rip each other apart and so far (a few hours into act II) I am pretty satisfied. Had to roll my eyes pretty hard at the victory speech after taking my first fortress though.

    PSN: idontworkhere582 | CFN: idontworkhere | Steam: lordbutters
  • UbikUbik another one of the law guys Registered User regular
    i don't like that allies are valid combat targets

    i keep leaping over or starting combos on my own guys

    Magic Pink
  • AistanAistan Tiny Bat Registered User regular
    edited October 2017
    I think my actual favorite part of the game is the audio you get for each Gondoran artifact you find. Not just Idril talking about them in a historical context and what she thinks about them, but for Talion and Celebrimbor's short conversation afterwards.

    I just found one that was an instructional book on carpentry:
    Talion says that when he was young he was fascinated by woodworking, taking lumber and making something new out of it. Celebrimbor then says that Talion the Craftsman is something he would have liked to have seen.

    That one moment (and the others) did more for me for all three of these characters than all of the cutscenes in both games.

    Aistan on
  • agoajagoaj Top Tier No FearRegistered User regular
    My first betrayal was three orcs betraying at once, just as I was about to start a mission. I think starting the mission saved the one they were going to kill.

  • UbikUbik another one of the law guys Registered User regular
    i hate to say it but i don't think the combat system is very good and it's flaws really show when i have to fight an overlord and never-ending spawns of orcs and archers and a troll while confined in a throne room with no traps

  • ProhassProhass Registered User regular
    edited October 2017
    man the combat system in this game is like my favourite ever, its varied and you have to change things up, shadow strike, combat branding, etc, its not just endless combo quest like batman became. I also love being able to build up my might pre combat with brutal executions, etc.

    Prohass on
  • UnbreakableVowUnbreakableVow Registered User regular
    Yeah, I think I'm done with this

    The combat reminds me of combat in Arkham Knight in a way - the foundation is good because it came from something simpler, but it's too blown out with too many enemy types and combat is so absolutely constant that the game becomes a tiring slog

    I'll trade this in this weekend and put it toward AC Origins

    Medium DaveStilts
  • UbikUbik another one of the law guys Registered User regular
    i think it's too hard to manage a group and target things like executions against a specific orc. and it's hard to counter when there's orcs also trying to hit you with attacks you must dodge. and it's hard to do anything when there is ranged enemies around, one plink from an arrow and i lose my combo.

    but like if i can get one captain alone, even a captain who adapts or is immune to my usual tactics, i can tell there's something good under there and it's a real back and forth. getting a captain alone is so hard though

  • UnbreakableVowUnbreakableVow Registered User regular
    Yeah, ranged enemies suck

    Also the game really fucks you over with executions, one because they're not as prevalent as in the previous game, and two because even if you specifically aim at a non-captain orc, the game will still target the captain. Yes, I know he's immune to executions, that's why I was targeting the other dude, you stupid game

    I loaded up Shadow of Mordor a few minutes ago (since I'd started a game a few days prior to Shadow of War's release) and yo - that game is still great

  • ProhassProhass Registered User regular
    edited October 2017
    Save your arrows and focus for shield and ranged guys, if you cant shadow strike them yet try to head shot them to clear them out, dont worry about building up a big combo its not really necessary if you build your character away from it in terms of skillpoints, since you can raise your might with the standard "might grows when hit" perk or something like that, and you dont lose it. Combos essentially just become an overall damage bonus this way, rather than something you need for your executions/combat branding/elven might thiny. You dont need large combos as much as you did in the first game because of the way the might meter can work if you spec into it right.

    Theres lots of other ways to thin out the herd, from summoning your own beast and bodyguards, to first entering combat with a brutal kill (which gives you a tonne of might and scares off orcs), then combat branding and shadow branding dudes. Boss fights in the fortresses have respawning enemies so that can get tough, but theres usually enough time to clear things out. Also get the execution ability which allows you to chain 3 more executions, that way if you hit the wrong guy you can still get an extra few executions on surrounding orcs and a captain. Executions are FAR more prevalent than the previous game if you chose a might building spec which doesnt dissapear when you get hit. If youre wanting more executions choose the option that builds might when you get hit.

    Basically the game opens up when you realise its not about comboing, endless countering, or standing in the middle of a brawl batman style, but teleporting around the edges, coming back for stealth attacks, etc. Like the reason the games stealth is so easy is because you can use it as part of open combat. Countering is less important than vaulting away to get a better angle, dashing, or elven swiftness-running away to find an explosive, better vantage, beast, flies, etc. You shouldnt ever be standing still, and the game gives you loads of movement options to reinforce this. I mean you can make a combo-focussed build, but its much harder in my opinion because there are so many easier ways to thin out orc numbers using your bow and just vaulting/dodging

    I get that its a different strokes thing but I prefer this combat to almost any other similar game, even batman games, because you cant just stand in the middle of the room and counter. Ranged enemies are easy to deal with when you get shadow dominate, or just keep pressing vault or dash, rather than standing still to counter. Counters are basically a last resort.

    I dunno I dont mean to come across as "youre playing wrong", because obviously thats nonsense, youre not enjoying the game, but im loving it so much its like high art for me dancing around the battlefield. I feel I have way more options to deal with the enemy class bloat than I did in Arkham Knight, where I agree that there were just too many enemy types to keep track of by countering with different buttons. Here if im surrounded by sheild guys I love just being able to go "fuck countering you guys, im going to shadow dominate that archer up there, and then shoot you all in the head from above"

    Prohass on
  • UbikUbik another one of the law guys Registered User regular
    yeah I'll have to level up some more and check out different skill builds

    I still love the nemesis system and just running around messing with stuff

  • ProhassProhass Registered User regular
    edited October 2017
    Its definitely problematic that I feel there is definitely some skills in the spec tree that id say only work if youre already brilliant at the game, and some that are just so powerful and make things so much easier id label them as crucial for the average player. I feel like there should have been little indicators telling you what an advanced skill was. For instance one skill allows you to build might SUPER fast with your combo, however the drawback is you lose your might if you drop the combo or get hit, which is a MASSIVE downside for the average player, who will get hit often, especially if all youre doing is trying to build up a combo and not clearing out problem enemies in other ways. This is great for people who are insane combo and counter champions, but pretty much useless for normal players, because so much of the game rewards you for getting out of combat and using your environment instead of just batmaning it up.

    I definitely have a build right now where I sometimes forget to even use executions because I can shadow dominate and strike so easily.

    Prohass on
  • AistanAistan Tiny Bat Registered User regular
    Batman is about standing in the middle of a huge group and comboing them all to death. That's kind of what Shadow of Mordor was as well.

    This one is about getting surrounded by a huge group and then running the fuck away. Then teleporting into the back of the group and fucking shit up before running off again.

    ProhassMagic Pink
  • ProhassProhass Registered User regular
    This one also offers a lot more "prepping" for each encounter, like with brutalities and chained stealth dominate skills. Which batman just doesnt have. Again different strokes, if you like the batman way of doing things id say yeah definitely this game makes that a much harder playstyle, because its built more around exploiting the environment. Which is why the solo fortress battles are the toughest, but again you can bring bodyguards and caragors in, and shadow dominate the archers later on in the game, so you basically use them as a health pack to teleport to

  • PeccaviPeccavi Registered User regular
    I'm definitely finding that I'm playing this game as more of a predator rather than just doing rhythm combat. Which, I do miss my rhythm combat fix, but I'm also enjoying hunting down captains and killing them on my terms.

    Plus I really like collecting captains and making them fight others.

  • NogginNoggin Registered User regular
    The counters feel weird this time around. They're either too late, or not showing up at all for me - maybe it's a nemesis difficulty thing?

    It hasn't been too bad though, we've focused on using stealth and hit and run tactics, and found out a really cheesy trick for handling mobs. I'll spoiler it in case, because it's really stupid.
    I thought there used to be a short animation penalty if you hit counter when nothing was coming, but that doesn't appear to be in this at all.

    So you literally just mash attack and counter constantly, one after the other, as fast as you can. Your hit streak will fly up and you'll be countering attacks you don't even know are coming.

    Thankfully, the stealthy stuff and the captains all feel great, so it's still fun.

    Battletag: Noggin#1936
  • Undead ScottsmanUndead Scottsman Registered User regular
    Yeah, I think they just don't show counters in Nemesis difficulty.

  • Houk the NamebringerHouk the Namebringer Nipples The EchidnaRegistered User regular
    Yeah, I think they just don't show counters in Nemesis difficulty.

    They definitely do (I played ~35 of my 40 hours in Nemesis), but if you're poisoned or cursed (which in a hectic fight can easily happen without you noticing) then the indicators don't show up. So that could be it.

  • DocshiftyDocshifty Registered User regular
    Got ti Act IV all on Nemesis.

    After about level 20 death was exceedingly rare. Gonna use Shadow War to start putting on handicaps and seeing how that works.

    Fuck "lore" Act III was so much goddamn fun.

  • DocshiftyDocshifty Registered User regular
    Alright, which one of you works at Monolith?


  • Crippl3Crippl3 oh noRegistered User regular
    I had a Thunder-Bowels in the first zone so I tried to go back and dominate him, but another orc bodied me and he killed me, his name changed to Lucky-Shot after the next time I saw him :(

  • AistanAistan Tiny Bat Registered User regular
    Ar-Gul Pain Seeker showed up in Gorgoroth. He's no Az-Gang Pain Seeker, though. I guess they are siblings or maybe cousins. Same armor, same whole aesthetic. He was too high level to dominate so I shamed him instead. He seemed into it though.

  • MugginsMuggins Registered User regular
    I encountered an orc captain with his own hype-orc. 13/10 this game is pretty good.

    hey satan...: thinkgeek amazon My post |
  • ButtersButters A glass of some milks Registered User regular
    I've had a "Blah Blah the Shameless" come back from the dead like 5 times after initially shaming him. He runs from battle at the first sign of trouble too

    PSN: idontworkhere582 | CFN: idontworkhere | Steam: lordbutters
  • mori1972mori1972 FF14: Rhotfyr Thosinmharsyn (Y)UKRegistered User regular
    Truly he is without shame.

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    Ocean, tears and heartbreak soup
    Half alive in a whitecap foam
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  • PeccaviPeccavi Registered User regular
    edited October 2017
    Haven't won an online conquest yet. Get through the checkpoints in a minute, but the Warchief is always an asshole with several immunities, Great Determination, and a bunch of constantly spawning Olog Hai and archers.

    Peccavi on
  • DocshiftyDocshifty Registered User regular
    Peccavi wrote: »
    Haven't won an online conquest yet. Get through the checkpoints in a minute, but the Warchief is always an asshole with several immunities, Great Determination, and a bunch of constantly spawning Olog Hai and archers.

    I'm not sure how the throne room mobs work, but I know I haven't faced more than one Olog unless the boss has the Olog gang, so it might track each mook and respawn as you kill them. If that is the case, take the dominate with brand ability and use the battle brand to turn them to your side. It might still respawn them since the enemies are technically no longer present, but then you have some numbers on your side. Also make sure you summon your bodyguard and, if the warchief isn't enraged by beasts, bring the Caragore mount for extra damage/fodder.

  • ButtersButters A glass of some milks Registered User regular
    If you're unaware, you can summon your bodyguard in the commander's quarters. I also found using shadow strike on the archers above to be very useful. You can brand a couple for easy cover life leach

    PSN: idontworkhere582 | CFN: idontworkhere | Steam: lordbutters
  • Undead ScottsmanUndead Scottsman Registered User regular
    They're removing some of the lootboxes, gold and the market


    -Warchests make the Nemesis system moot and break immersion so they, gold and the market are being removed from the game. Other loot box types (Gear, Training orders, etc.) will still be obtainable, but not purchasable via money or in-game currency.
    -The Shadow War endgame is being reworked to be streamlined and include additional story elements. If you already beat it, it won't be reset though. So wah wah.
    -Upcoming updates will include Nemesis System updates, new player skins, skill tree additions, gear system upgrades and progression updates

    DouglasDangerMagic Pink
  • I needed a gnome to post.I needed a gnome to post. like fire Registered User regular
    Sick I can't wait to play the game the developers wanted to make before the capitalists got it, a year from now

  • Crippl3Crippl3 oh noRegistered User regular
    Huh, I just started playing this again like a week ago. Looks like it's time to stop again and wait.

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