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Sunday badges

mouseno4mouseno4 Registered User regular
This is my 4th year for PAX Australia (3rd actually attending) and every year I have had this debate about whether I should bother with Sunday.

For the most part, I attend the panels and spend the in between times (where no panel in that time period interests me) to wander about the floor, checking out the exhibitors, trying to score free stuff and seeing what is what.

But on the Saturday afternoon, I am usually so wrecked that after the first year buying Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I never ended up buying Sunday last year because everything that was at PAX, I would have seen by Saturday afternoon anyway. That leaves only the panels on Sunday that I 'might' have been interested in attending.

So, here goes the same debate with myself yet again, about whether or not to attend Sunday. I already have Friday and Saturday badges for this year, but to this date, I have never actually attended Sunday. Even despite having a Sunday badge back in 2015, I just didn't use it. I didn't buy a Sunday badge last year either.

So last year, the notion I had was that I could always buy a Sunday badge whenever I felt I might want to go on Sunday. But I never did.



  • vonhistvonhist Mr Melbourne, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    Are there panels or games running in tabletop on Sunday that you are super keen on? personally i like sunday as it is slightly less frantic / crowded.

  • UseR2006UseR2006 MelbourneRegistered User regular
    I like to book my experiences like VR and what not on the Sunday so everything is spread out over the 3 days.

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  • mouseno4mouseno4 Registered User regular
    vonhist wrote: »
    Are there panels or games running in tabletop on Sunday that you are super keen on? personally i like sunday as it is slightly less frantic / crowded.

    Haha! It is less crowded because I am not there! There is likely a few panels I would want to see but I rarely attend PAX for any specific exhibitor. The queues for such a thing are beyond a joke. When PSVR was being shown, the queue for that was full before the doors opened. And the big AAA game demos? The queue for that circled around the entire block and took HOURS.

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