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How much do you(new or veteran traders) usually spend per PAX for pins?

zimzeezimzee Yonkers, NYRegistered User regular
edited November 2017 in Pinny Arcade
Hello everyone,

As I am new to the Pinny Arcade community, I would like to know how much is everyone spending per PAX for pins? Does the buying ever stop??

I have been going to PAX East since 2014 and just started collecting and trading pins this PAX Unplugged. Needless to say, I got hooked but this is also the first PAX I ever spent money for anything(I rely heavily on freebies). For unplugged I spent $120 for 2 unplugged sets and 2 of the 2016 Christmas set which got me the merch pin for spending over a $100. So I would just like to know, when you started, how much did you spend on average per PAX?


Since I'm also new to the forum, if there is already a thread for this please let me know so I can move it.

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  • grgemonkeygrgemonkey Registered User regular
    The buying never stops, unless you want it to or PA shuts down :)

    When I started, I spent many hundreds of dollars per PAX and many hundreds more outside of PAX, I can't imagine my total lifetime spend is any less than a few thousand dollars but I'd rather not think about the actual number haha.

    These days I only acquire what I really want, so the most recent PAX AUS I spent about $80. It has been working much better for me and not only from a money pov, I appreciate the pins I get a lot more rather than just storing the vast majority in a box and it also makes every PAX way less stressful. - Be there or be your least favourite shaped pin. Pin trading and more. - Head-To-Head battle of pins! Choose the most desirable. - iOS pin collection tracking app.
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  • PedroAsaniPedroAsani Brotherhood of the Squirrel [Prime]Registered User regular
    I don't count. That way lies only pain.

  • SennoSenno AustraliaRegistered User regular
    The problem is that each PAX has their own number of pins. South, Unplugged and Aus have vastly less pins than East and West. There is no right number, only what you can afford and are comfortable purchasing.

  • zimzeezimzee Yonkers, NYRegistered User regular
    I don't really have any issue with purchasing pins and I really have a lot to catch up on since I just started this unplugged. But I would really love to get started on trading instead of purchasing though. Just need to build my fodder first hence the buying.

  • AyefkayAyefkay Queensland, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    close to $800 (AU) total, as I buy for 2 others in my pin group as well,

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  • HingoHingo Minneapolis, MNRegistered User regular
    I spend around $0-$30 on pins at PAX, and around $300 a year on pins. If my brain stops being stupid, I'll post some survey data from a while back on this exact topic.

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  • HingoHingo Minneapolis, MNRegistered User regular
    PAX Prime 2016 survey data re: pin spending (n=202)

    Pins for trade!
    2015 PAX Prime Omeganaut (I will forever hate Katamari)
  • zimzeezimzee Yonkers, NYRegistered User regular
    That's a great survey. I would guess i would fall into the $150+ crowd.

  • Rosss5sRosss5s Collector Of Oooooh Shiny! MassachusettsRegistered User new member
    I'm fairly new, I usually spend around 100 per Pax and try very hard not to go over (For the sake of my wallet and sanity.)

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