It's time to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Lemmy.


Yeah. It's Lemmy's birthday.

Drink some bourbon and listen to Motörhead.

Have you been saved by Lemmy?



  • Wraith260Wraith260 Happiest Goomba! Registered User regular

  • KanaKana Registered User regular


    A trap is for fish: when you've got the fish, you can forget the trap. A snare is for rabbits: when you've got the rabbit, you can forget the snare. Words are for meaning: when you've got the meaning, you can forget the words.
  • WaltWalt Waller Arcane Enchanted Frozen ElectrifiedRegistered User regular
    he is with Ronnie now, he will watch over us when we are killed by death

    JazzRainfallJohnny Chopsocky
  • RainfallRainfall Registered User regular
    I am very very very thankful for the fact that I got to see Motorhead live before Lemmy passed.

    Holy shit, it was incredible.

  • KlytusKlytus Registered User regular
    It's been just over eighteen years since I saw them and my ears are still ringing. (Truly... they played louder than anyone.)

  • descdesc the '87 stick up kids Registered User regular
    Motorhead is the father to countless bands that themselves were parents to countless bands

    Heavy Xmas to all and to all a hesh night


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