LIFT your Christmas spirit [fitness and weightlifting]

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After Christmas and Christmas food there’s often regret. A way of dealing with this regret is going to the gym.

Have had a forced hiatus from the gym due to exams and work. Back now and probably going to treat the next week as a reload and then resume regular programming after that.

The 25th is a Monday, so naturally I had to bench press. Managed three decently paused heavy singles @ 140kg

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    Gym was closed yesterday, so bench Monday is happening today. Buddy has a plan, not sure what that entails but that I'll probably enjoy it immediately and regret it later.
    Front squat and kill your legs day two days ago, still recovering from that one. Think I could have a 315# by mid year, but for now I'm probably around 50# short.

  • caligynefobcaligynefob DKRegistered User regular
    140kg front squat is my white whale as well. They’ll fuck up my front delts though, so I only do them once every ~ 3 weeks.

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  • caligynefobcaligynefob DKRegistered User regular
    Second day of reloading. Worked up to 210kg for a single and then did a couple of doubles with 200kg. Finished off with 140kg x 15, because why the hell not.

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    watching that carefully you got some nice neutral spine going on very ph7 high quality switzerland core

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    I got a Fitbit for Christmas and it's pretty neat. Got 11k steps in today. Most of those calories were probably negated by food but that's ok because we had a Boxing Day party

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    Dude those plates are awesome. Do they work pretty well as far as easy to take on/off, carry around and stuff?

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