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East 2018 Room Shares - READ THE OP BEFORE POSTING

zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
Post here if you are looking to share your room, or looking for a room to share. Please keep your posts up to date!


You get ONE post in this thread per UNIQUE room share situation. Do not re-post your offer/request. Re-posts will be deleted if not pre-approved by moderation staff.

If you need to modify your post and cannot edit it yourself (accounts below a certain participation threshold), PM me and I will make the edit for you. Not having permission to edit is not a valid excuse for re-posting.

If you *really* think you have a good reason to post for a second time, PM me first.


If you have a room and want to fill space, use this format:



Total Cost:
Date Arriving:
Date Leaving:
Number of Spots Available:
My Gender
Your Gender:
Best Contact Method:

Additional Notes/Requests:


If you are looking for a place to sleep, use this format:


Date Arriving:
Date Leaving:
Spots Needed:
My Gender:
Your Gender:
Best Contact Method:

Additional Notes:


I will occasionally cull posts from the thread that have been struck out or marked as no longer valid. I will try to do this as necessary, but there will not be a hard schedule for this purpose. This will mean that there should not be a wall of inactive posts to sift through in order to find active ones. Also it means that if someone had a post that was culled from early on, they can freely re-post it later if things went south. If you abuse this, your ability to post in this thread will be revoked entirely.



  • RenegadexBlackoutRenegadexBlackout Registered User regular
    edited January 17

    Hotel: Seaport Boston Hotel
    Total Cost: $275
    Date Arriving: Wednesday
    Date Leaving: Monday
    Number of Spots Available: 2-3
    My Gender
    Your Gender:
    Best Contact Method:

    Additional Notes/Requests:

    My friends and I have a room reserved at the Seaport Boston hotel, and we're looking for 2-3 others to share the room with! There's 7 or 8 of us and most of us have been to pax at least once (myself 3 other times). Just looking to bring the price down on our hotel expenses. We just ask that you be respectful of others in the room and their stuff. We're arriving Wednesday and leaving monday morning. It'll be about $275 per person.

    zerzhul on
  • corsevcorsev Registered User regular
    edited November 2017

    Hotel: Park Hill Plaza
    Total Cost: 267 -218 depends on how many people we get
    Date Arriving: April 5
    Date Leaving: April 8th
    Number of Spots Available:1-2
    My Gender both Males
    Your Gender:
    Best Contact Method:
    Pm me here or tweet me I did this back in 2016

    Additional Notes/Requests:
    My friend and I reserved reserved a room we are trying to get 3-4 people total. There's a shuttle that brings you fo the convention

    corsev on
  • kieranblue21kieranblue21 Registered User new member
    edited January 17
    HAVE SPACE AVAILABLE: - updated Jan 16

    Hotel: Doubletree Hilton Bayside
    Total Cost: $215-$225
    Date Arriving: April 5th
    Date Leaving: April 9th
    Number of Spots Available:1
    My Gender: 1 female, 1 male, 1 transmale
    Your Gender: female
    Best Contact Method: twitter @kieranshaeblue or tumblr @lilflamingoshorts

    zerzhul on
  • Gumbyx84Gumbyx84 Registered User regular

    Date Arriving: April 4th
    Date Leaving: April 8th or 9th
    Spots Needed: 1
    My Gender: Male
    Your Gender: Any
    Best Contact Method: PM please

    Additional Notes: This is my 7th PAX East (been there since day one). I'm hoping to room with people who respectful and courteous of their room-mates. I had a bad experience last year and I would very much like to not repeat it. I'm not a party guy, but I'm not going to hold anyone back from having fun. I lived in the city for 4 years so I know my way around (mostly) and am fine with playing tour guide or finding places to eat. I know a great Chinese restaurant in China Town. :biggrin:

  • sillyzombie666sillyzombie666 massRegistered User regular
    lets give this a try, i'l a local and im helping a friend vend so with that in mind it would be nice to room with others vending, enforcing or those who are not partying all day and night


    Date Arriving: i'm local so i can come Wednesday or Thursday
    Date Leaving: Sunday or Monday since i am vending i will be busy most of Sunday night
    Spots Needed: 1
    My Gender: male
    Your Gender: don't care
    Best Contact Method: maybe a pm here i might be slow to respond so for faster responce

    additional notes: i'm a local about an hour from boston but just cant do the nightly grind of getting home and attempting to sleep. im helping a friend vend so with that in mind it would be nice to room with others vending, enforcing or those who are not partying all day and night. this will be my 8th pax east so I am so used to pax, only had a hotel one year and that made it all super easy. i cant sleep on the floor but due to back issues would prefer a bed and hotel must be either seaport or westen or just as close.


    PAX East 2018:
    vending with a friends company
  • juiceboxfarleyjuiceboxfarley Registered User regular

    Date Arriving: Friday
    Date Leaving: Sunday
    Spots Needed: whole room (ideally a double)
    Best Contact Method: twitter @oniontimee or email

    Additional Notes: I am looking for a double at the seaport, renaissance, or westin. If you're someone that has needed to cancel plans or no longer need your double bed room, please let me know!!

  • divisiontendivisionten Registered User regular
    edited January 13

    Date Arriving: Tuesday or Wednesday evening
    Date Leaving: Sunday night or Monday Morninf
    Spots Needed: 1
    My Gender: F
    Your Gender: Doesn’t Matter
    Best Contact Method: email sarabethwinters at gmail

    Additional Notes:
    Hey there! I’m Sara Winters a cosplayer and one of the consulting Extra Credits writers, I’ve been doing room share three years now and made some great new friends! A few minor things-
    1. Walking distance to con! I can’t drive and don’t want to rely on Lyft in cosplay. I’d prefer something within 15-20 min walk.
    2. I’m a cosplayer, so I have more luggage than normal (maybe less than a BYOC abut still). I also teach the electronics/robotics panel of its accepted agin, so yes, I’ll have some somewhat fragile robots to play with too.
    3. I’m legally blind. I don’t want to trip on you or your stuff, and I’m sure you don’t want to be tripped on. No overcrowded rooms. Max of 4 other people in a hotel room pleade, preferably 3 others for a total of four.
    4. I am allergic to cannabis! I don’t care what y’all do in your personal time, and this isn’t me being a prude. Even if you have it for medical reasons I can’t be within contact of it, and that includes airborne particulate, especially in close quarters. I only bring this ya because a previous room share had medical marijuana- I /will/ break out in really nasty hives and would rather minimize the exposure to it. Thanks.

    divisionten on
  • hennyjnlhennyjnl Registered User new member

    Hotel: Embassy Suites by Hilton Boston
    Total Cost: We can arrange payment depending on how many people. The total for one person though is $614.
    Date Arriving: I'll be arriving on Thursday April 5th
    Date Leaving: Leaving Sunday April 8th
    Number of Spots Available: 2-3 It is only one bed although I think I can change it to two beds if told ahead of time. I don't mind sleeping on the floor if need be.
    My Gender: I am Male
    Your Gender: I have no preference.
    Best Contact Method: email me at PM can be fine too although I reply faster with email as I get push notifications.

    Additional Notes/Requests:
    This is my first Pax and I am trying to make new friends and share some good times with people ^_^. I don't have much major requests other than for potential people to be cool people.

  • LukasWulfe1LukasWulfe1 Registered User new member


    Date Arriving: Wednesday afternoon
    Date Leaving: Friday afternoon
    Spots Needed: 1
    My Gender: Male
    Your Gender: doesn't matter
    Best Contact Method: message or text

    This is my first Pax never been to Mass coming from Maine taking the Coach line need a place for the two nights I will be staying then I'm off on Friday afternoon

  • greenchyldegreenchylde CT, USARegistered User new member
    edited 11:58AM

    Hotel: Residence Inn Cambridge
    Total Cost: $85 includes breakfast!
    Date Arriving: Sunday
    Date Leaving: Monday AM
    Number of Spots Available: 1
    My Gender: 1 male, 1 female
    Your Gender: either
    Best Contact Method: or facebook Green Chylde

    Additional Notes/Requests: This is for Sunday night only! Are you the only one in your group heading out Monday? Stay with us, fill up on a delicious free breakfast in the morning. Then journey home safely, well nourished and already missing Pax :'(

    For all other Pax'ing needs check out our amazing FB group! Over 2k strong!

    greenchylde at
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