Legend of Brigadiers: Smell of the Cookie [Cookie Brigade]



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    @punzie Thanks for letting me throw money at Child's Play for all those cookies yesterday evening.

    And thanks to the Brigadier who then dropped the Giant box of cookies off 10 feet behind me by the Sauciety, I spent the rest of the evening going around the Westin lobby handing out cookies from a luggage trolley, with a new EMT buddy who decided to join my quest.
    It was fun!

    Would you like to know more?
    We told everyone repeatedly that no, we were not taking any money, and stressed very hard that we were not part of the Cookie Brigade, nor Enforcers, just random do-gooders who wanted to share the cookie goodness of the Cookie Brigade dropping off so many cookies in the lobby.

    We did a thing with the last quarter of the giant box of cookies that Enforcer Spooky claims to have informed the Brigade about. Not sure if I should share exactly what that is here. But it was awesome.

    Oh, my sweet, crumbly goodness! I never even saw SutibunRi's post!! I happened to be that new EMT buddy! OMG that was fun. We were in the Westin Lobby, playing board games at the very end of the con, and SutibunRi happens to have a like a 5lbs box of of cookies from the Cookie Brigade. He was telling us all about all the awesome work that the CB does and that how he had donated a ton of money earlier in the con and was given a 5lbs box of deliciousness. And the guy started sharing them with all of us (there were like 10-20 people in our gaming area), and just as we are getting excited over his glorious cookie generosity, someone else comes by with two gigantic boxes of unsold cookies, tells us to enjoy, and then walks away. Well, everyone goes crazy and helps themselves, and SutibunRi and I get to talking. There were tons of other people around the lobby, and there were sooo many cookies, that we start plotting theoretical (or so I thought) ways of ensuring that all of the remaining cookies get enjoyed.

    A short while later, I noticed SutibunRi at the check-in desk, talking to someone from the hotel; a minute later, he's walking back to where the boxes of cookies are chilling out, now not getting much attention, with a luggage cart! He loads a box onto the cart and tells me we really should try and share the cookies with everyone else in the lobby. We then spent the next hour or two walking up to people from the con, and other guests chilling at the bar, pushing our cookie cart, and telling them about the Cookie Brigade, what they do, that we wanted to ensure that none of the cookies go to waste, and repeatedly saying "for the last time, no, we are not going to take any money from you! Donate that to 'Child's Play' or something!"

    Long story short, after trying to give away as many cookies as we could, a wonderful drunken business lady from the bar suggested that we donate the cookies to a food shelter. We made several calls, loaded the remaining 20lbs of cookies into the back of my car, and then following day, I dropped them off at a very grateful women's shelter (I've got pics!).
    I dunno who to talk to about this, but if the Cookie Brigade would like, I'll be at PAX East 2018, and I'd be happy to help get any remaining cookies donated to the women's shelter again. I can photograph the drop-off again too.

    This is amazing, last year was the first year we've had so much left over but we generally always have some stuff left over and I'd love to see it donated if there is a shelter that will take it. Feel free to toss me a PM here, i'd love to see the pictures and share them with our East Bakers.

    Our thread for this year is here: https://forums.penny-arcade.com/discussion/215150/enable-cookies-heck-yes-the-cookie-brigade-would-love-your-help-at-pax-east-2018#latest

    I'd also recommend signing up on our forums for East 2018 so we can keep you in the loop at the event if you're interested in coordinating at the end. East is going to be 4 days this year so I suspect for most of us its going to be a marathon through the last day.

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