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    Going to revive this thread with a call out to see if anyone still plays this. Recently had a fit of CoH nostalgia and tried to satiate it with WoW but it didn't give me my fix. On a whim tried this out and at least for now it is doing the trick. Can see myself doing this for at least a few months before I become jaded. So who's out there!?

    I'm kiiiiinda playing it. I think my highest level character on PC is a level 16 or 18 gun-toting ice queen (Villain) or a level 15 or 16 flaming scrapper (Hero). I also have a level 5 or 6 character on Xbox...but she doesn't get much play right now.

    Nice. I've gone alt-crazy and dropped a little bit of cash on it. Right now I am liking my Quantum/Hand Blast character (Tarnok). But I am also trying out a little bit of everything:

    Tarnok: Quantum/Hand Blast
    Donny Nukes: Atomic/Staff
    Moon Destroid: Plant/Bow
    Frostina Star: Ice/Hand Blast
    Talis Prime: Mental/Martial Arts
    Sir Pendaltin: Sorcery/Hand Blast
    Flying Henry: Light/Two Handed

    Highest is Tarnok at 15. Everyone else is 10 or lower as I am just trying things out. As long as it stays interesting I plan to drop a few bucks a month on McGuffin dollars to unlock more slots and/or powers.

    I've only been playing for a little more than a week, but I like it so far. I may have misspelled all my character names as I am at work. Plan to take some screenshots and probably post them here. Maybe see if I can't recruit a few friends to play.

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    Just started this on Xbox One. Seems interesting so far. Still pretty early level. Does not look like the game has a large fanbase here on the forums though.

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