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The main question seven years ago (PAX East 2011 Bioshok Infinite)

Anton_26Anton_26 Registered User new member
Hello everybody! I apologize in advance for my English, and also I apologize if I wrote in the wrong category, but everything seems right and on the topic.
I will not write much, I will ask a question: almost 7 years ago there was a great PAX East 2011 in Boston. We were shown Bioshok Infinite! He was Ken Levin, Courtnee Draper, Troy Baker. There was also a great stand, a huge Songbird and ... Elizabeth. Rather the girl who played her role. Then I learned that it was she who served as the prototype for Elizabeth. Do not believe me, but I've been looking for some years information about this girl! ... But almost nothing I could find. Only photos, and the name is Jess.
Friends, tell me, maybe one of you knows something about her?

P.S. I know that later Elizabeth was played by Anna Moleva, I know this. I want to know at least something about this mysterious girl with PAX East 2011

Thank you.


  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    According to various sources on the internet, Anna Moleva became the facial model for the character in the game, not this person. I am guessing your best bet to learn more about the history of the character is to contact irrational games. I'm sure that isn't what you're looking for, but I doubt we're going to be able to help you

    There's also a video about how various women came together at the studio to create the character.

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