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Some of you may remember a looong time ago, I was posting little pieces in my scrapbook thread that were to be made into a game.

I just realized that I never posted said game.

So I'm going to now. Because it turned out pretty alright, I think -- I won a Nintendo courier bag from it, woooooo.







It took a long, long time to put together. Many, many 4" x 4" squares of foam, many labels. It plays like "Labyrinth", with some hidden surprises - on the board there are random things that shift the "wind directions", forcing entire rows of blocks to move. It's a very frustrating and competitive game to begin with, and I like to think we improved upon it.

The markers are papercraft Links, as put together by my roommate, Tyjet.

Note that Tyjet and I are in the title art! Hooray us.

Have you guys made any games?

edit: right! here are the rules we had to submit with it:

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    That looks rad. You've hit one of my major nerd areas. Outside of the one in my other thread, I've not made any. However, I did drop like 600 dollars on stuff to make them last year, and am just now getting around to doing anything with it.

    Did you design packaging or a box for it as well?

    Also, If intended to be boxed, would the tiles work better as thick cardstock or thin chipboard as opposed to that foamboard?

    Are the papercraft Links basic enough to wear they could be preprinted and precut with folding instructions and packaged with the game?

    Did you design the rules for the game as well?

    If so, do you have those posted somewhere?

    Are the feathers/hearts/jars/etc cutout paper that are moved often while the game is played?

    Am I the only one that while doing anything like this looks at it in a "if it were being mass produced" manner?

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    We wanted to design a box, but unfortunately I ran out of time and crapped out on the art, thus it was never done.

    They'd be much better as thin chipboard - the original Labyrinth is printed on a very thin but durable cardboard with a nice glossy top. Unfortunately, we didn't have the sort of funds for those materials.

    The papercraft Links took Tyjet a really long time to put together - but the directions are online, and I think that if they were cut out and boxed with the game, SOME people would be able to put them together - but certainly not all. It does require a degree of skill.

    Yes yes, designed the rules -- they've been edited into the OP.

    Yes, the items are always moved about - they are stuck to the "paths" that they are on, but every time someone takes a turn, the entire board shifts one row. So you can imagine that you may have a direct path to the feather that you need so badly to win - but ONE row shifts and suddenly your path is blocked!

    It is so frustrating.

    I contacted Nintendo attempting to show this to them. They had absolutely no interest and I got a standard reply that Nintendo does not take ANY game/marketing suggestions, no matter what.

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    I wanna play too...

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    mully wrote: »
    Wooo camera buddies.

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    Same camera as you? Or just because someone's taking a picture of him taking a picture? (That someone was me.)

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    I have that camera.

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