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Cosplay Photographers

MdmZombieMdmZombie MIRegistered User new member
Are there any photographers heading to PAX East this year? Comment if you are photographer or looking to do a cosplay meetup for pictures! If there is enough interest, we could do set times and locations for larger meetups.


  • JailbirdyJailbirdy OhioRegistered User new member
    If you don't mind being on media, I am doing live streams, and can stop by when you have a day/time set for this.?

    Gamechefs LTD
    GT: Jailbirdy
  • craiolacraiola MARegistered User regular
    I'm not a professional photography but I just picked up a new DSLR this christmas and hope to be taking a bunch of hall cosplay shots this year.

  • MdmZombieMdmZombie MIRegistered User new member
    Jailbirdy wrote: »
    If you don't mind being on media, I am doing live streams, and can stop by when you have a day/time set for this.?

    Sure! I want to try to get something kind of low key together for anyone who wants some nice pics, either photographers or cosplayers, but don't know anyone there.

    Once the schedule gets posted I will try to think of a few times that large panels are not being held that might work best for people.

  • iltailta Registered User regular
    edited March 7
    I'm a professional photographer and I've done some past work at PAX East but don't want to violate any advertising rules. If anyone's interested in setting something up feel free to PM me!

    ilta on
  • divisiontendivisionten Registered User regular
    I am both a cosplayer and a professional photographer. I will be cosplaying some days and shooting others. Here’s a recent piece. I made the costume and had a friend model so I could shoot and edit.

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