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Sooo Michelle Obama will be in town on Thursday April 5

imnotalawyerimnotalawyer Registered User regular
Another user (chumpydo) posted a thread on Reddit about this...

Apparently Michelle will be participating in a moderated discussion at the Seaport Hotel’s conference center. It seems that this should only minimally impact those staying at the hotel but I figured it was worth posting here too, specifically for those who are cosplaying and carrying replica weapons.

Please read Chumpydo’s post below for more information



  • MephistoN7MephistoN7 Sexual Tyrannosaurus Keene, NHRegistered User regular
    This is actually good to pass on. Back in 2010, Barack was at the Hynes the same day as Wizard World New England and there were several cosplayers who noted that security was super tight for their props.

    There was also a funny story about DC artist Ethan Van Sciver getting trapped in that room because he wandered away from his booth to use the bathroom, took a wrong turn, and the Secret Service wouldn't let him leave. But that's a tale for another day. :biggrin:


  • drakuldragondrakuldragon Long Island, NYRegistered User regular
    bumping this thread in hopes of others seeing it before tomorrow!


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  • ClannMorganClannMorgan Registered User regular
    Thanks for the heads up. I may want to head down there just to check it out.

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