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PAX Selfie Hunt - East 18

thx42thx42 SeattleRegistered User regular
edited April 2018 in Pinny Arcade
So this is basically like PPAD's Margarita Quest, but with less risk of alcoholism. Do some stuff and you can get this pin:
Complete five tasks listed in the grid below. The tasks must be in a straight line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal). Take pictures of yourself completing tasks and tweet each to @thx42 with the grid coordinates and the hashtag #paxselfiehunt. When you complete a line of five tasks, find me (thx42) to collect your prize (limit one per person, while supplies last). I can usually be found at pin panels, community pin trading events, and near Merch Lite.

For more information and clarifications on tasks, go to


thx42 on


  • luckycharmluckycharm Perth, AURegistered User regular
    That looks amazing thx42! I wish I could join that awesome quest!

  • sirmeepsirmeep Registered User regular
    This looks like fun! Fuel my newly found addiction XP

  • HingoHingo Minneapolis, MNRegistered User regular
    I approve of this concept.

    Pins for trade!
    2015 PAX Prime Omeganaut (I will forever hate Katamari)
  • SG_FredSG_Fred Boston, MARegistered User regular
    What is a Mixer Streamer?

  • thx42thx42 SeattleRegistered User regular
    SG_Fred wrote: »
    What is a Mixer Streamer?

    Someone that broadcasts primarily using the Mixer platform. Mixer is a competitor to Twitch, owned by Microsoft. Best bets for this would probably be near the Xbox booth, the streaming pods, or the "Building Your Stream Community" panel at 12 Saturday in the Dragonfly theatre.

  • Egorwild1Egorwild1 Registered User new member
    Where do I get some tea, I'll be thirsty?

  • thx42thx42 SeattleRegistered User regular
    Egorwild1 wrote: »
    Where do I get some tea, I'll be thirsty?
    I don’t know for sure, but I hear there’s a lot of tea in Boston for some reason.

  • pvp_pandapvp_panda Registered User regular
    thx42 wrote: »
    Egorwild1 wrote: »
    Where do I get some tea, I'll be thirsty?
    I don’t know for sure, but I hear there’s a lot of tea in Boston for some reason.

    I think most of it is in Boston Harbor

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