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Pre-PAX Dinner...Lite!



  • WuShockWuShock Lawful Good South BrownbackistanRegistered User regular
    Running just a mite behind. En route now.

    Twixxo wrote:
    WuShock is the best
    He is the very bestest
    I wish I was him


  • acaraba2acaraba2 Tampa, FLRegistered User regular
    Here at the bar with 2 others


  • SutibunRiSutibunRi Montreal, Quebec, CanadaRegistered User regular
    @acaraba2 You're here with me dum-dum!

  • profitWizardprofitWizard Registered User new member
    Friends, are you still there? I too need to eat and would like to meet some good people. If you're still there, text me @ 647 472 377seven

  • ClannMorganClannMorgan Registered User regular
    We already left, we would have loved to have meet up. Most of us have headed to Game Night at the Weston.

  • profitWizardprofitWizard Registered User new member
    Thanks for replying @ClannMorgan, I may head up there too. Cheers!

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