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Constructive Feedback - Aus 2017

zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
Sorry about being late with this.

Please post civil constructive feedback of the show here

As always, it's fine to disagree and dislike things, just don't be a dick about it.


  • UseR2006UseR2006 MelbourneRegistered User regular
    Ok, I'll kick this off..

    1. The Giveaways on the show floor, Oh god both the craziness around them blocking up the walkways and also the Noise levels were just insane.
    2. The organisation around the Merch booth was a little crazy at the start on Friday. - To have to walk out of the merch area with unpaid for goods to line up to pay was crazy.
    3. The Puppies. Not having any kind of announcements of locations or times was incredibly frustrating when trying to locate them on all 3 days. Especially considering they were trying to fund-raise, so much missed opportunies there.
    4. The PAX XP mini game. After the success of it last year, This year was a complete fail for me, Having to go find random people walking around that were not clearly labeled(marked out) to try and get those final few QR codes was just the worst.
    5. Some of the vendors seemed a little out of place, like the Samsung one.


    1. The Enforcers were fantastic
    2. I LOVED the Video Game Photography Gallery and Panels.
    3. Acquisitions Inc - Was amazing to FINALLY have a live game with most of the main crew, Still would prefer the Main DnD game. But the Starwars game was fun.
    4. Finally getting to see both Mike and Jerry and thank them for a wonderful convention was a highlight.
    5. The Indie section was still as amazing as ever.

    Overall It was a great PAX just as good as the last 2 I have been to. There's just a few things I'd love to see cleaned up to make it the best!

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  • Dark KingDark King Registered User regular
    My only gripe (and it is a small one) was that there seemed to be a lot of speed run events and fewer panels. I know that panels are dependent on having presenters available, but it felt a little light this year.

  • vonhistvonhist Mr Melbourne, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    Best show so far. AI was fantastic. Was really good to see both hardware and software vendors, Samsungs TVs are great to play console games on so more than happy to see them there. Good to see the indies section continuing to grow. Hopefully we will see LoL and back with big stands next year.

    Cons : Would like to see more specific-game panels, maybe pinny arcade staff trading could be earlier on Saturday to reduce clashes with other things.

  • CodyDaviesTVCodyDaviesTV Registered User new member
    We did a panel there this year, everythig went well and the Enforcers were very helpful.

    A couple of nitpicks:

    1) It would be helpful if when panel confirmation is sent out that it's also noted whether your theatre is being streamed or not. Gives us more time to sort out camera equipment if it's not.
    2) Does the PAX Lines Twitter account operate for every PAX except Aus? Seems odd.

  • tomandjebinspacetomandjebinspace Registered User regular
    1) It would be helpful if when panel confirmation is sent out that it's also noted whether your theatre is being streamed or not. Gives us more time to sort out camera equipment if it's not.

    Seems like it's only Main, Wombat and Gamespot that get streamed. Though you're right, they should let you know that each year when they send out the panel confirmations.

  • VerbzVerbz 'The' NAT Type SydneyRegistered User new member
    The lack of an MTG stand was the only down point for me last year.

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