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LocusLocus Trust MeAlbanyRegistered User regular
edited June 2018 in Critical Failures
Brought to you by AustinP0027 and Locus

“Hello, you’ve reached the Sunshine Motel!”

. . .

“I’m sorry, ma’am, we have no vacancies for tonight, but we will have an opening tomorrow night.”

. . .

“That’s right, all nine of our rooms are currently occupied.”

. . .

“Well, whoever told you that, ma’am, was mistaken. This motel only has nine rooms.”

. . .

“Are you thinking of the Sunset Motel, just up the road? They have about twelve rooms, so maybe you stayed there? This motel has always had just the nine rooms.”

. . .

“You’re welcome to come see for yourself, ma’am, but I’m afraid all you’ll find are nine occupied rooms.”

. . .

“Good night, ma’am.”

This is a phalla.

Phalla is a variation of the “Mafia” party game, where an uninformed majority (colloquially referred to as “the village”) must root out an informed minority (colloquially referred to as “the mafia”). You can read more about phalla here.

The rules for this phalla are below. If you wish to sign up to play this game, please sign up in a bold color.

There is no limit to the number of players who may participate in this game; ideally there will be at least 20 players.

General Rules
Role PMs may not be shared.
Each day, the players must vote to “kill” another player on the player list by posting the name of the player they wish to kill in bold red. The player who has the most votes at the end of the day will be eliminated from the game.
Votes made in an edited post will not be counted.
Each game day will begin when the hosts announce that the game day has begun.
Each game day will end at 9 PM Eastern Daylight Time.
Any votes made between the end of one game day and the beginning of the next game day are invalid.
Include the hosts on any PMs shared between players or any proboards created.
You may not anonymously communicate with any other player.
Clarification of any rule may be requested by posting such request in bold orange.
No “ghost” posting: players may not make any posts in the game thread or communicate with any other players regarding the game once they have been eliminated from the game.
Players must make at least two posts in the game thread and vote once each day. Failure to do so will result in your elimination from the game.

Game-specific Rules
1. A player may hold any number of Objects.
2. A player may only use one Object per night.
3. A player may give an Object to another player. This does not count against your nightly action limitation. A player may not give away an Object and use that same Object on the same night. A player may not receive an Object and use that same Object on the same night.

Each night, a player may take one of the following actions:
1. Use an Object.
2. Attempt to steal an Object from another player. If you attempt to steal an Object, you run the risk of your target discovering your thievery. To attempt to steal an Object, PM the hosts with the name of the player from whom you would like to steal.

Order of Operations
1. Vote
2. Each player will then take their action in the order of the player list below.

Sample villager role PM
You are a member of the Legion! The Legion is a cabal dedicated to collecting and keeping the mystical items referred to as the Objects out of the hands of those who would use them for evil. The Legion follows a strict code to prevent members from being seduced by the power that the Objects can provide. The most important of these rules is that a member of the Legion can never kill another person in order to obtain an Object. But that rule has now been stretched to its limits as the Legion’s power wanes and their enemies’ grows, and its members are starting to violate that rule if it keeps the Objects in safe hands.

Win condition: Eliminate all threats to the Legion.

If I check out anytime I want, can I ever leave?

Clarification DENIED!
Locus wrote: »
Bluecyan wrote: »
Where does giving items fall in the order of operations?

Although it does not count as an action, giving away an Object will occur when the player's turn in the order of operations comes up.
Locus wrote: »
Bluecyan wrote: »
If an object becomes stolen during the night, will an action to use the object fail because of it?

Yes. You can't use an Object you don't have.
Locus wrote: »
Bluecyan wrote: »
If yes, is it dependent based on the turn order of the thief compared to the victim?

Locus wrote: »
Bluecyan wrote: »
Can one steal from the dead?

Locus wrote: »
Bluecyan wrote: »
Can I have a room with a view?

Clarification denied.
Locus wrote: »
Bluecyan wrote: »
If a player gives an item, can the recipient refuse to accept it?

Locus wrote: »
Unless the description of an Object states otherwise, it can be used once each night for the duration of the game.
Locus wrote: »
Bluecyan wrote: »
In the case of a tied vote, what happens?

One of the players who received the most votes will die, at random, as will the player who tied the vote.

Locus on


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