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[Camp Comic] Tuesday, November 17, 2015 - Fixings

DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
edited November 2015 in Camp Weedonwantcha

image[Camp Comic] Tuesday, November 17, 2015 - Fixings



Read the full story here

Unknown User on


  • Ilze123Ilze123 Registered User regular
    love the last panel

  • martimusmartimus Registered User new member
    He is my new favorite character. Now I just need to figure out what his name is.

  • Android 21 3/7Android 21 3/7 Registered User regular
    ... The strength of a young boy forced to be a parent to his own parent.

  • Christian LeBlancChristian LeBlanc Registered User regular
    I stayed ok somehow for the other strips, but this is the one that breaks my heart the most. He can have an impact here, which is great...but it's in such a sad contrast to how we was unable to fix things at home.

  • briguybriguy Registered User regular
    Fred is so optimistic. I love it.

  • FlaxSeedFlaxSeed Registered User regular
    ... and the Silver Lining Award goes to... Fred. Since the Mountain Lion arc to now. always the unjustified optimist.
    Great update, Katie and Adam

  • ZealousChristian24ZealousChristian24 Registered User regular
    Fred, you are a tiny saint!

  • connorhawkeconnorhawke Registered User new member
    @MARTIMUS Fred

  • theGrognardtheGrognard Registered User regular
    I love comics like this that make me smile without cracking a joke.

  • vhakravhakra Registered User new member
    I'm trying to tell if he's wearing shoes when he arrives.

  • Talyn RahlTalyn Rahl Registered User regular
    Awww Fred :(, you're so awesome why didn't your dad want you...

    There were so many feels in this comic, I almost forgot to look for the kitty.

  • plato360plato360 Registered User regular
    After bringing us to the depths, she gives us a ray of hope that shines through. Excellent job.

    It's interesting to see which other campers are in the flashback. Fred seems to be a somewhat more recent addition to the camp.

  • TrueLinkTrueLink Registered User regular
    I hope we get to see more people shortly after / as they arrive. We can make a timeline to determine how long each kid has been here.

  • briguybriguy Registered User regular
    You know, if he wrings out Malachi's clothes, he could probably save most of the broth.

    Someone really needs to help Tanner, though. That looks like a deep cut. Poor guy.

    And Seventeen is going to destroy all of their dinnerware if she doesn't get down. Come on, Brian, get on your game!

  • cubbylostboycubbylostboy Registered User regular
    Of course he can fix it, that's his skill and passion! I'm sure he said the same thing as he watched imitation sardines being doled out for the first time. It probably doesn't matter if it was Fred's father or stepmother or both who determined that he should be sent away, the important thing is that he ended up at a place where he could be happy and put his skills to work. I'm enough of a romantic and lost boy at heart to believe that the camp brings to it those who may need it.

  • SporadicDuckSporadicDuck Registered User regular
    The past repeats itself, eh? I'm starting to like Fred a lot, now. From a side-character to what might be one of the bigger roles in the series, awesome!

  • SennoSenno AustraliaRegistered User regular
    Fred has really been awesome these past few panels.

  • bansheekittybansheekitty Registered User regular
    Oh, Fred! You're my favorite <3

  • SargeSarge Registered User regular
    You know you're having a bad day when the soup is on the floor instead of in the pot. But not Fred! No, nothing can stop his love for cooking. Go Fred, fix that soup! :D

  • briguybriguy Registered User regular
    edited November 2015
    Random aside: to remember campers without names yet, I give them names based on characteristics.
    I've always called the red camper the tomato camper. Because he's always red and his face shape and hair resemble a tomato.

    briguy on
  • ZyxxZyxx Registered User regular
    What a cool kid! Taking it on the chin like a champ and rolling like a boss. Kudos to you, Fred.

  • bansheekittybansheekitty Registered User regular

    I am haunted by the image of that kid on the bucket in the mountain lion sketch, so my association with him is always the phrase "when it comes to imitation sardines, you're really just renting them." I guess I think of him as "sardine-bucket kid".

  • briguybriguy Registered User regular
    I build from it once I find a trait that lets me easily identify them. So it becomes tomato camper, former camp chef, likes imitation sardines, provided the mostly intact imitation sardines they were going to dunk Malachi in.

    I'm actually curious what imitation sardines taste like. It can't be good, but I'm tempted to taste one just to see how bad.

  • APMEWAPMEW Registered User regular
    and he finds his place :-)

  • ComiczMann133ComiczMann133 Registered User regular
    At least it didn't turn into the kitchen scene from Sleepaway Camp.

  • DublinDublin Registered User regular
    Fred, you're the champion of the world.

  • DublinDublin Registered User regular

    I has forgotten that part. Your choice for his name is spot on!

  • SparklingCactusSparklingCactus Registered User regular
    I love the composition of the first, second, and last frames. That is waaaayy too clever Katie. Seriously what you did there is amazing.

  • APMEWAPMEW Registered User regular
    Plot Twist... Red is Brian's mother.....

  • briguybriguy Registered User regular

    I am haunted by the image of that kid on the bucket in the mountain lion sketch, so my association with him is always the phrase "when it comes to imitation sardines, you're really just renting them." I guess I think of him as "sardine-bucket kid".

    "... these are really intact." Haha.

    It also reminded me that when Fred went to the food shed, it wasn't the first time we heard about it. Fred told Jeremy and one of the girl campers that's where he keeps most of the food. There's a sign that says "keep out" but you can just ignore that. It ends with Fred being adorable and saying feeding people brings him such joy.

  • poipoigirlpoipoigirl Registered User regular
    Fred has purpose here. I adore him.

  • Laika ClementineLaika Clementine Registered User regular
    Redheaded kid, those sardines are gonna bite you in the butt later on.....literally.

  • Pastels_ParadoxPastels_Paradox Registered User regular
    Gosh, Fred is so precious,

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