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[Camp Comic] Friday, January 19, 2018 - Why We’re Here



  • PyrianPyrian Registered User regular
    Meanwhile, "The Trenches" hasn't been updated in 2.5 years and had been extremely spotty for some time before it dribbled out. It's still on the Penny Arcade front page...

  • XastionXastion Registered User regular
    Yea. I’m kinda surprised Trenches is still up. I think that one is dead.

  • Peter RoganPeter Rogan Registered User regular
    Yeah, "The Trenches" seems to have been left behind, which is a pity. The absurdities and casual near-mortal insults of the IT worklife were properly celebrated and commiserated over there, and I keenly feel the lack. They can't have run out of stories -- not with Toys R Us going down or all these mergers chewing through the lives of the techs trying to join them at the hip or head or any common appendage shared by the two. What gives?? Bring "The Trenches" back to life! Hey, TYCHO! Hey, GABE! We're lookin' at YOU!

  • Pastels_ParadoxPastels_Paradox Registered User regular
    Oh gosh, this made me cry reading it again. I'm sure as heck gonna miss Linus a lot. Love that book boy.

  • SabariSabari Registered User regular
    *lurks around in a lurky sort of way*

  • BrobBrob Registered User regular
    I came.
    I saw.
    I lurked.

  • Ilze123Ilze123 Registered User regular
    januari 19th. I was there.

    Sometimes I hate how fast the time moves. That long ago already? really?

  • XastionXastion Registered User regular
    Trenches was abandoned before it was deserted. It was first created as a collab project between PA and PvP creators until Kurtz said he didn’t have time for it, so he handed off the strip drawing to Cagle, but said he still gave input. Then they stated it transferred to Halley and Ray. Whole lotta people with no one really owning it. Now they have a plethora of side projects.

  • Peter RoganPeter Rogan Registered User regular
    Katie taking an announced break is one thing. But letting Trenches peter (sic) out is just sloppy. Not what I would call professional.

  • briguybriguy Registered User regular
    I think it’s unfortunate it didn’t at least get an acknowledgement that it’s on hiatus/dead but who knows what really went on or what plans there are for it.
    I’m still waiting on more Lookouts and Sand and other side projects and I’m very patient.

  • XastionXastion Registered User regular
    I think Trenches will just eventually disappear without a word. Like poof! Gone. It seems when a project is made in a collaboration it only lasts as long as the collaboration lasts. Sure, it would have been great for some communication but I’m not holding my breath. Mike and Jerry were never the mouth piece to Trenches, Scott always gave the updates. Once Scott faded in the background then all updates stopped.

    I don’t really consider Automata, Lookouts, or Sands in the same vein because those three were always extra treats. Though Lookouts does have 6 issue series that can be bought through comiXology that’s quite a fun read. But I guess I don’t expect them; they’re an unexpected surprise gift when they pop up. I enjoy them quite a bit.

    You’re right, even a little communication goes a long way. Ever read the Abominable Charles Christopher? If you haven’t I really highly recommend, but read it slowly. Two years ago, or perhaps longer, Karl Kerschl got a steady gig drawing Gotham Academy and a few other DC jobs which took him out of his webcomic. He updates maybe once a year now, but he recently stated he hopes after his move he’ll have more time to work on his webcomic. Just that info will keep me hoping for another year!

  • briguybriguy Registered User regular
    Implying that I don’t already have The Lookouts comic series or the limited edition cel or the Thornwood game. :)

  • Peter RoganPeter Rogan Registered User regular
    I expect fledgling talent to get a start on the interblags, become noticed, be offered paid work elsewhere, and move on. It's the name of the game. While I also dearly enjoy The Abominable Charles Christopher, and recognize it stopped at a critical point in its story, Karl Kerschl's talent is too great, his artistic vision too wide-ranging, for him to continue to be idle. Artists of his caliber are highly prized and rarely get left with time on their own. To do so requires uncommon discipline, viz. Chris Baldwin, creator of "bruno" and "Spacetrawler.'

    But Tales from the Trenches was advertised as a continuing feature, and continues to be listed as one of the CONTINUING comics on the Penny Arcade landing page. Like it or not, Mike and Jerry put it as an active feature, updating Tuesdays and Thursdays, as the page still insists. Leaving it non-updated for three years isn't a matter of talent being discovered and moving on; it's about the negligence of management to continue to feed talent into their feature required to keep it going. I used to do this because I knew the high schoolers we hired were going on to bigger things and the pipeline had to be kept filled with new talent. (Thanks again, Utica School District!) The principles have not changed in thirty years: If you have a major feature to your pages, paper or plastic, you MUST provide that feature! Failing to do so hurts you more than simply dropping it. If "Blondie" stayed un-updated for thirty years, would King Features tolerate it?

    I like Jerry and Mike but I don't understand why they aren't continuing the feature they continue to insist is active. I'd much rather it be made active again with new talent than for "The Trenches" to continue to be a fossilized Blue Plate Special you can look at through the glass but can't eat.

  • SabariSabari Registered User regular
    *Has never looked at Trenches. Has no useful opinion. Lurks anyway*

  • PharylonPharylon Registered User regular
    I liked the Trenches just fine. But I don't really miss it. Every now and then I click through from the front page to see if it's still dead.

    *Lurks, awaiting the rebirth*

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