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The ongoing adventures of the [Elite Dangerous CYOA]



  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Ok, we're doing a spaceship mission this time.

    Ambush is guaranteed combat, and while the ships have been getting upgraded, maybe we don't jump right into known combat and instead do some transporting.

    I think the Colony Supplies mission looks good to start. Let's hear other thoughts

  • DoobhDoobh She/Her, Ace Pan/Bisexual 8-) I want to cut to the feelingRegistered User regular
    IGD is my vote

    I am streamer, destroyer of worlds. [M, Tu, W, F: 2-6 pm EST] and [Saturday: 3-8 pm EST]
  • Albino BunnyAlbino Bunny Quantronic Dreamgirl Registered User regular
    I'm gonna go with IGD because it's the simpler one. It's going to be a defensive mission with support from a capital ship (lucky you). Will resolve it probably on friday as tommorow's pretty busy for me.

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