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[WoW] Conflict starting in August



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    Thorban wrote: »
    Anduin attempted to usurp the forsaken via Calia Menethil.
    Sylvanas executed the traitors.

    that's one way to describe people who are like "we want to join our families that we've been apart from for a very long time"

    some of the dialogue people use about sylvanas' actions is so weird considering she's the bad guy

    it's like they're going "Sure, Grand Moff Tarkin blew up an entire planet's worth of people, but their treachery could no longer be permitted! The rebellion should have tried to change the system from the inside, through proper means."

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    Yeah, faction loyalty aside Anduin was doing a solid and Sylvanas acted out of her own anxieties about controlling the forsaken, not out of desire to see the forsaken restored to their livelihoods (which is supposedly what my forsaken has been fighting for all this time).

    Even Calia Menithil wasn't going out of her way to bring rebellion until some forsaken discovered her identity and choose to side with her without her insistence, which then led to her unmasking herself.

    And then led to Sylvanas killing any undead that decided they wanted to live with their actual families rather than being her army.

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