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PAX AUS 2018 Challenge Coin -LET'S DO THE THING!

fishfishmonkeyhatfishfishmonkeyhat Freelance Pin ManNewcastle, AustraliaRegistered User regular
dfyiVhW.gif dfyiVhW.gif dfyiVhW.gif
What is a PAX Challenge Coin? Click here for details.
Last year's thread (this OP will be frequently updated with the latest info on design/ordering/etc).

Gotta get this going, and unlike last year I don't have many ideas for either side, so if you have a photo you'd like to submit or a suggestion let's hear them!

We need something gaming related for the face side, and an image representing Melbourne for the back.

Here's a couple of photos I've taken that we could potentially use for the location side:

AMCI building (if you've taken a better photo of this building please submit it).

What's this artwork called again?

As usual we need to get moving on this, so please suggest ideas and submit any photos you have sooner rather than later.

Also please note that the cost per coin has been raised this year by $2 USD each:

- Regular Coins now cost $7 USD each.
- Colour Coins now cost $8 USD each.

It sucks, but production costs have going up at the factory apparently.


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