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Switch games to bring to PAX?

every day's greatevery day's great Registered User regular
edited August 2018 in PAX West
I am hoping everyone who has one will bring your Nintendo Switch to PAX this year!!

What games are people thinking of bringing and/or playing on the Switch? (and/or other handhelds) - either random pickup games, games while waiting in line, or other gaming opportunities? Mario Kart is an obvious option - but what else would be great for a venue like PAX?

every day's great on


  • oldskoolboarderoldskoolboarder Registered User regular
    If you plan on joining any of the tourneys w/ your switch, bring those games.

  • phamtqphamtq Portland, ORRegistered User regular
    I'm bringing a few multiplayer games such as Overcooked, Mario Kart, and Street Fighter Anniversary Collection. If there's no one to play with, I'll likely play some of the Megaman X series. Quick to pick up and easy to resume.

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