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Help me buy a new mouse

Munkus BeaverMunkus Beaver Registered User, ClubPA regular
Hey so I am looking to buy a new mouse. The mouse I had been using for years had the Forward button fall off completely from overuse (I have forward and backward on my mouse mapped to certain game abilities that I have to hammer rapidly). I have already recently bought two different mice and each on has issues with it that cause me some issues.

First I bought this mouse:

The Forward/Back buttons were good on this mouse, but it's way too small for my hand. It causes me an extreme amount of pain to use a mouse of this size for any extended amount of time. I seriously had to stop playing HotS and WoW while I was using this mouse because of how hard my hand would cramp up. So in response I bought this mouse:

This mouse is the right size for my hands but the forwad/back buttons are both...flaccid. They just don't have good response to clicking on them, like the buttons are so low quality that they just eat inputs half the time unless I just hammer the button super hard. Makes it hard for me to play certain games where I have key abilities hotkeyed to the Forward/Back button.

So right now I am looking for a mouse that is the size of the latter while having as good or better buttons as the former one. Budget is an issue, I don't want to spend a hundred dollars on a mouse primarily because I can't afford something like that. Any advice ya'll have on what products I should buy would be greatly appreciated.

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