Workflow(Shortcuts) on Ipad, importing brushes to Clip Paint?

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I'm guessing the answer is no here, but I just upgraded to ios 12 on my iPad Pro. There's some art software I use on it, called ClipStudio for which I've downloaded 600 rad brushes for. Problem is, Clip has no bulk function on the ipad to get all these brushes in. On the desktop you just drag them all into the pallet, but they haven't replicated it on the ipad

The operations to get a brush:
select file in Dropbox > Export > "Open In.." > Copy to Clip Paint

I'm looking at the documentation for Shortcuts, but I'm a bit slow on this kinda thing. I'm wondering if someone has worked with it already and could tell me if I would even be able to make this process noticeably easier? I'm not sure that It can interact with dropbox directly, so I'm not sure if I can do some sort of "choose next" or tab operation.

I could load the brushes onto the ipad via itunes, I believe, which might help, I donno.



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    Wait fuck. I think I almost figured it out


    Problem is "get file" seems to not let me operate folders, the folders open as singular files I can select. Clip paint can't manipulate the folder.

    If I place a brush in dropbox's root folder, i can select it and clip paint will register to the sub pallet. Maybe that's the only way.

    Edit: Not quite. Get file can select multiple, But Clip won't accept them after I've selected a few brushes it still asks me to choose one. I'm guessing the best I can do is have the macro do the file opening and allow me to manually pick each brush, if I can figure out how to make it close the app.

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