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Penny Arcade - Comic - The Cockpit



  • v2miccav2micca Registered User regular
    So, funny aside. Lately I have been having a blast watching youtube video's of Sim Racers attempting the 100% force feedback challenge. Some Background is in order.

    So, the really hardcore Sim Racers don't buy Logitech, Thrust-master, or even Fanatec Racing wheels. No, the hardcore Sim Racers buy an industrial MiGE engine then the'll head over to the OpenSimWheel project and download the control software to build their own custom control unit, then use an actually car racing wheel to complete the setup. As you are using an industrial engine, the control software requires a lot of tweaking to get right.

    At any rate, the 100% force feedback challenge involves sim racers, maxing out the settings to 100% force feedback, and generally running a track like Sebring International. Turn 17 is particularly brutal and it is a blast to watch some of these guys get thrown around.

  • ShowsniShowsni Registered User regular
    Wait, I thought we were talking about first person from the car's perspective, but everyone's talking about first person from the driver's perspective. What about if I want to play as the car?

  • YoungFreyYoungFrey Registered User regular
    Funny thing, I know where they're walking. That's Screen Door, a pretty great southern cooking restaurant in southeast Portland, Oregon, within a mile of where I live. Being as they're based in Seattle, I have to wonder what made Mike decide to set an unrelated comic outside a Portland restaurant.

    Story checks out:

  • TwirrimTwirrim Registered User regular
    I, by deliberate choice, race from the "front bumper mounted camera" perspective (or essentially, first person but with none of the crap in the way.
    I Can't stand the constrained "in-cockpit" view, and I've never got the knack for 3rd person perspective in driving. I find that driving with the "bumper mounted camera" perspective means I nail corners and moves with much more precision than any other perspective.

  • dennisdennis aka bingley Registered User regular
    You're all using the wrong view.

    I race using the rearview mirror camera. You really gotta pay attention to the direction the people behind you steer.

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