Measuring Quarry Blasts

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Is there some device I could set up to get data on vibrations cause by some quarry blasting? I imagine some sort of digital seismograph that collects data and can push it to some server? Not a geologist so I don’t know.


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    Yes, digital seismographs exist.
    A quick google found this it you're looking to buy one for yourself, but I think that may be a little spendy, depending on what you need the data for. Also looks like you have to plug it into a computer to recover the data (as opposed to it being uploaded to the cloud automatically).

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    Well except what see317 said. That guy's always wrong.
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    I'm sure this depends a bunch on your local laws, but I use explosives for work and we are required to record air blast and seismograph readings at the nearest inhabited structure off our property from the blast. You could ask for those.

    Or if you call up the quarry and complain they'll probably set one up for you for a day or two just to head off any legal trouble. That's what we did with the old biddy who said we were rattling her windows from 2 miles away.

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