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[Rocket League]: PA Rocket Society on Friday Nights



  • DirtyboyDirtyboy Registered User regular
    If you like to be reminded how bad you are, the Rocket League World Championships day 1:

  • facetiousfacetious a wit so dry it shits sandRegistered User regular
    I recommend everyone watch the final game in the grand finals series of the World Championships. It was absurd start to finish.

    "I am not young enough to know everything." - Oscar Wilde
    Real strong, facetious.

    Steam: Chagrin LoL: Bonhomie
  • Vic_HazardVic_Hazard Registered User regular
    edited June 2018
    Massive worlds spoilers:
    Holyyyyy shit was that an amazing series of games! I started to take clips towards the end as the goals just kept getting crazier and crazier.

    Last game of the series (This was the 13th match in a row with both teams dead even!) the crowd was already going wild from NRGs 2 - 2 goal, when Dignitas answered with a 3 - 2 with four seconds remaining a woman in the crowd just lost it going WAAAAAAO all over the microphones and everyones shouting.

    Then this happens and the announcers just lose their shit:


    Vic_Hazard on
  • ElbasunuElbasunu Registered User regular
    So I didn't know this was coming, but I like the sound of it! They are adding a Fortnite style Game Pass system (free or premium), as well as moving the "level" system to be normalized from lvl 30 onward.

    This makes me happy, because my biggest gripe with the game is the low/useless drop rates.

    Steam ID: Obos Vent: Obos
  • SatsumomoSatsumomo Rated PG! Registered User regular
    Anyone here play on weekdays? I rarely log during the weekends... I had my downward spiral last night, where you go from Gold III div 4 down to Gold 2 div 1 because the lower you go, the worse your opponents seem to get.

    I was also probably tilting hard. Gold is so weird honestly, I would have people at Gold 3 level not be able to hit the ball once, I just assumed they were drunk or high. Or people who can't stop ball chasing. Lost a 2v1 (Two on my end) because my teammate wouldn't let me clear the damn ball, he'd go for a clear, not do it well so I'd come up to do it and instead of circling behind me to defend, he'd just turn around and crash into me or do another terrible clear.

  • crimsoncoyotecrimsoncoyote Registered User regular
    Gold is a big crapshoot in my experience.

    Sounds like you were on tilt though, too. Been there, done that. Are you playing 2s?

    Also your best bet for finding folks to play with during the week is probably posting in the PA RL discord. I play sometimes during the week, but it's sporadic.

  • ElbasunuElbasunu Registered User regular
    I've been playing weeknights. I'll try to get better about posting tonight and/or checking the discord.

    Steam ID: Obos Vent: Obos
  • SatsumomoSatsumomo Rated PG! Registered User regular
    Yeah I need to check on the Discord more often. I don't mind people not playing well mechanically, like missing shots or not being able to control the ball. It just drives me crazy when you have people SMASHING the ball into your own goal's corner, ball chasing or just never leaving the goal area. Yes, this has been in 2v2s, I've actually had much better luck in standard.

  • ArcanisTheImpotentArcanisTheImpotent Registered User regular
    edited June 2018
    at that level your best bet is to identify your mechanical shortcomings and train hard to overcome them

    you will see a lot of success if you gain good control and can outpace your opponents

    also get in the habit of watching your replays with the intent to identify where you made errors. It helps a lot

    ArcanisTheImpotent on
  • ContentContextContentContext Registered User regular
    Finally hit Diamond in both 2s and 3s. I've been in one or the other before, but never both at the same time. Last season was my 1st time getting there at all. I need a lot of mechanical work to get further. My dribbles and flicks aren't the best and I'm running into more people with better ball control.

    ArcanisTheImpotentcrimsoncoyoteJC of DI
  • ContentContextContentContext Registered User regular
    A lot of ups and downs, since the last post. Managed to get into D2 in 2s and 3s, close to D3 in 3s, but back slid to Plat in both. Slid further down in 2s, because folks are extra salty at rank bubbles and quitters are more detrimental. It's always the ones that'll flame you for not saving a shot they centered, or prefer taking the ball from you to getting in position for a pass. It's not like I don't make mistakes, but I at least recognize when I make them and don't put my teammates down for theirs.

    In fact, I'd say part of my most recent slide is due to me testing out the Imperator in ranked. It wasn't too noticeable in team 2s and 3s, but 1s made it clear I didn't have the same level of control as I did with the Twinzer. I could get a lot of power on shots and good angles, but soft touches were super tough and I was losing so many 50/50s. Once I went back to the Twinzer, I felt in control again.

    Some of it is also internal salt. Playing more 1s and watching higher level play has made me more aware of when to challenge/slow down the play/go for bumps/etc., so it can be frustrating to see the eventual conceded goal, well in advance of it happening. You know, you rotate in behind your teammate in net and they don't go for the defensive challenge until it's too late. Or you're getting challenged and pop it over to where your mate should easily be first to the ball, but you see them go to the net and drift turn, killing their momentum and any chance of saving the free shot/pass. Unless their actions seem malicious, I won't say anything(even then, it usually makes things worse), but it does sour my mood a bit. I have to remind myself that the lower I go the less awareness folks are likely to have, and adjust accordingly.

  • crimsoncoyotecrimsoncoyote Registered User regular
    Totally know and understand that feeling.
    Just stick with it, and you'll climb back up to where you were. I've definitely needed to take some breaks for a few days just to desalinate.

  • NikdNikd Registered User new member
    I do not remember how long I play in the Rocket League. Maybe it's 2-3 years?
    I currently play a lot less often, I have less free time - but I still think Rocket League is the best game released on PS4.

    I used to play in collecting crates and items, I traded a bit - but when Psyonix published drop rates - I stopped doing this and most of the crates I sold

    Oh, there, I buy Warframe platinum here, you can quote, but I recommend buy Warframe platinum
  • BladeXBladeX Registered User regular
    Big Rocket League update! XP system completely re-vamped and the ability to create a Rocket League club with up to (I think) 20 members.

  • JyardanaJyardana Registered User regular
    Ran into a couple of fine folks from here last night (my display name was Osh j ). It was somewhere around plat3/d1.

    Just wanted to say ggs again. Thanks for bringing me out of my forum lurk

  • finnithfinnith TorontoRegistered User regular
    I sometimes feel bad when making an amazing play and getting a lot of compliments knowing that it was a total fluke that I'll never be able to replicate.

    Bnet: CavilatRest#1874
    Steam: CavilatRest
  • crimsoncoyotecrimsoncoyote Registered User regular
    Jyardana wrote: »
    Ran into a couple of fine folks from here last night (my display name was Osh j ). It was somewhere around plat3/d1.

    Just wanted to say ggs again. Thanks for bringing me out of my forum lurk

    Hey it was me! Ggs!

  • ArcanisTheImpotentArcanisTheImpotent Registered User regular
    edited September 2018
    going to crosspost this from the discord, a lot of pros say “free play” as the most effective improvement tool and don’t elaborate on what they do to make that time spent successful

    and so i present 10 minutes of a typical free play routine

    at a high level, you should be using freeplay to practice your mechanics, specifically your “blackout” moments, where you know what you want to execute but can’t because you don’t have your muscle memory built

    if you spend at least 15 minutes a day doing that and push yourself you’ll see some pretty staggering results

    ArcanisTheImpotent on
  • TimFijiTimFiji Registered User regular
    Hey good games last night, @JC of DI and @crimsoncoyote !

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    3DS: 5112-3442-2082
    Learn Japanese through video games!
    Steam: Archpriest
    crimsoncoyoteJC of DI
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