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Bulletstorm. Captain Swearword's Big Fuckin' Adventure



  • TefTef Registered User regular
    edited February 2012
    Big Isy wrote:

    totally not what you expect :lol:
    you tell Trish to forgive Ishi for threatening her. Its very touching tbh, nor something I would have expected before playing the game

    Oh yeah, I did get that. Veery well done I thought. The final conversation in the last cut scene
    Between Trish and Grayson in the escape pod
    was very well done, I thought.

    I just thought about it now, but the simple fact that I can recall all of the main characters' names speaks to the quality of them, I think.

    In other news, I'll be back in town on Wednesday and I'll be looking to hit someone up to play through the MP with :)

    Tef on
  • DeMoNDeMoN Registered User regular
    Technically her name is Trishka. Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue though.

    Steam id : Toxic Cizzle
  • Descendant XDescendant X Hank Facepunch Registered User regular
    The Ultimate Super-Duper version of Bulletstorm is free on PS Plus this month!

    Something used to be here. It's gone now.
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