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I put doing these off until today and I only have one more day to finish both. Please tear them apart starting with the most absolutely horrible thing(s) about them. Also suggestion things that should be added and stuff instead of just critiquing whats there.

sorry about the big blank space on the left of the second one, nothings going there.

by the way, the orange in the water is the beginning of a reflection

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  • Chop LogicChop Logic Registered User regular
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    I have nothing to do right now, so I'll hit something about the first one.

    It's extremley confusing. I couldn't tell if he was laying on the floor or if he was standing leaning on a wall, or what. He looks removed from the floor. There should be some redness reflecting onto him from the carpet, or a shadow from him onto the carpet. Someone better than me will come along and give you more specific advice, but that's comething you could work on now.

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  • Drakkar11Drakkar11 Registered User
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    Yeah hes supposed to be like reachign for a door handle but i guess it sucks huh you cant really see what his hands are doing.. and i didnt shadow him or anything, all the angels are really off too, huh

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    Seems like your going for something a bit abstract, but the lack of direction and theme makes them both look like bundles of just random elements. For example, in the second one, he's just sorta holding his hand out towards 'nothing' while being surrounded in a very interchangeable background. Additionally, it's very obvious you used a prepackaged brush for the grass, which is ok if used sparingly and appropriately but you are far better off creating your own textured brushes or spending time detailing the many intricate blades within the focal areas. There is some lighting inconsistency with the figure and many numerous anatomy problems as well. All can be fixed with time and practice.

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  • mattharvestmattharvest Registered User regular
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    BTW, never, ever use the "Grass" brush to paint grass.

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  • (ohms)Crunchy(ohms)Crunchy Registered User
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    BTW, never, ever use the "Grass" brush to paint grass.
    But it's so realistic.

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  • Drakkar11Drakkar11 Registered User
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    Thanks for the replys

    the grass was actually me drawing lines and copying the layers and altering them but with the time constraints i didnt really put effort into altering them much at all, if any.

    in the end i ended up trashing them anyway, but thanks for the replies in any case.

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  • NakedZerglingNakedZergling A more apocalyptic post apocalypse Portland OregonRegistered User regular
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    remember as you make the reflection that you have running water there. and from the distance of the waterfall the river is probably fast moving. there would be very little if ANY reflection

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