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Windshield Damage

KruiteKruite Registered User regular
I noticed a couple hairline fractures in my windshield; they are in the center line of the thickness of the glass as far as I can tell. One traverses up and down the drivers side for most of the height of the windshield. There's a second one on the passenger side that is shorter traveling up and down, but I can't identify just how large it is.

Glass damage is covered in my insurance, should I go ahead and file a claim and get the whole thing replaced?
Otherwise, I don't think the damage is extensive enough to compromise it or fail an inspection.


  • XaquinXaquin Right behind you!Registered User regular
    I'd do it before you have to scrape frost off your windshield

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  • see317see317 Registered User regular
    If it's obstructing your view, or if a cop thinks it is, they can give you a ticket for it. That one on the drivers side might count for that, depending on where it's located.

    Personally, I'd suggest contacting your insurance provider and seeing what it would cost you to get the glass replaced (a crack that runs the height of the window is too big to repair), then proceed accordingly.
    It's preferable to get them repaired, because a crack in the windshield will eventually get bigger and spawn more cracks. Depending on where you live, that can get worse this time of year with road grit and temperature changes.

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    Well except what see317 said. That guy's always wrong.
  • FiendishrabbitFiendishrabbit Registered User regular
    That will probably not pass inspection unless you're in one of the states with more lax laws.
    Usually anything over 10 inches will get you busted regardless of where you are, as will smaller cracks directly in the drivers field of vision.

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  • KruiteKruite Registered User regular
    To clarify, it's not obscuring my view. It is rather long though. It's barely noticeable, in that it is quite literally "hairline". I only saw it because the sunset light reflection made it clear as day.

  • XaquinXaquin Right behind you!Registered User regular

    I'm a cheap old man, so I'd probably let it go unless you're in a place where you get a lot of ice

  • LostNinjaLostNinja Registered User regular
    I’d go ahead and get it fixed. Once a crack is there they just get worse, especially when winter hits and the cold and snow affects them.

    I don’t know about your insurance, but I know when I had to get mine replaced a couple years ago my insurance covered it and my deductible didn’t even apply. I didn’t pay anything out of pocket, so there wasn’t really a downside to getting it replaced.

  • mtsmts Dr. Robot King Registered User regular
    Keep in mind you should compare any deductible and rate hikes vs. Outright paying in cash. Most places give you a a non insurance discount if paying in cash

  • KruiteKruite Registered User regular
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    I think it is, at most, a $50 deductible for glass repair.

    I'm going to schedule a replacement, thank you guys for your input

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