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Looking for Ticketing Software Solution: Qualtrics or something else? (please close)

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So I've been given a challenging task and would like some suggestions as to platforms. Here is the use case: I have a program that currently submits paper forms and we want to move this to an online collection tool for long term accessibility for our online students. Qualtrics handles this fairly well for our use, but I hit a snag. Let me break down the form using an example of a car info request as thats what Qualtrics uses for its default:
The form starts on a first block with name, user ID, and email. This has to stay put, but is also the crux of the problem later.

Data Type Request:
This is the part where we ask what type of ticket they are sending in. In Qualtrics, I can use the drill down tool plus conditional formatting to handle this form of request quite easily. For example:

[Enter Car Year]
->[Enter Make]
-->[Enter Model]

They select, say, 2001 Honda Accord as the entry they are submitting. I have a database with my equivalent drill down fields which makes this particularly useful. I get the data in the ticket format I want, and know what type of thing they are submitting.

Data Info Request:
This is the part where we actually ask for the answers to the ticket we are needing. For example, if someone indicated "I have a 2001 Honda Accord" I need to be able to then ask "What color is your car?" with a list of what colors are specific to that combination. I can also do this in Qualtrics, which is to have conditional formatting tie a follow up question specific to the make or model selected. So if someone says Honda, I can have a honda-specific colors appear. Perfect.

The Problems:
  1. Where I have run into an issue is in the last step that the administration wants in the tool, the ability to click something that follows saying "add another car." The idea is to start the data entry over again from the Data Type Request, without needing to re-enter the Demographics information. This is essential as the user-case we are actually working with will likely be submitting 10+ tickets at once, logging a range of information. We need them to easily be able to add a range of cars and answer the color question for each, without having to retype their demographics info for each ticket.
  2. We also need each of the submitted fields to align in the database to a similar search, so if we request an output for Honda Civics we will see all of the tickets, and not need to collapse multiple fields to make that happen.

Because of both of these, I can't just tree an implausibly long series of conditional formatting that would spool from an "add another question" in Qualtrics, as each of these question series would fall into a new line on the database and not merge (as far as I am aware).

Does anyone know how to make these two problems work in Qualtrics or another, free system?

Other Issues:
While my initial goal was to use ServiceNow to handle this, as it is a more closely aligned ticketing tool, that is no longer in the cards. I had a substantial budget to do so and began some development on this last quarter, which is sadly no longer on the table. I have to make this work on a budget of $0, I have literally no money to work with. Our institution does have a Qualtrics license, so this could work for me, but I am totally open to another alternative if it is free.

Any help or insights are appreciated!

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    So this is a link to the logic diagram I made for what I ~think~ will work for our purposes:

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    I don't know if I can help for 0 cost. The university does that kind of selective form tracking in a couple different programs, depending on the department.

    The main one used by the university is Formstack. I've used it for a bit, it's super simple and generates emails and the like. It isn't a full ticketing system though.

    For development work, I like YouTrack and GitLab. GitLab is more coding oriented, but it does have a built in issue tracker and has a community version. But again, I don't think it is customer facing like what you are looking for. And looking at your diagram, it really sounds like you aren't looking for that.

    Our main ticketing system is not something I'd recommend, especially at the price.

    I know we have experience with Qualtrics here at the university too, including a license. I can ask around, see if anyone can help give pointers to what you are proposing.

  • EncEnc A Fool with Compassion Pronouns: He, Him, HisRegistered User regular
    I'd appreciate that. I'm going to be working on a prototype today of our logic map and see if I can make some headway, but any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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    So while it looks right on the front end, the export with merge & loop doesn't work in a usable way on the back end. Which is super disappointing.

  • EncEnc A Fool with Compassion Pronouns: He, Him, HisRegistered User regular
    We ended up going a different direction after no possible solution presented itself, this can be closed.

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