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Small Business Social Media/Marketing

CelloCello Registered User regular
Hey guys! Long time reader, first time H/A poster.

I've been helping my dad set up a small side business in the past year that we're hoping can become his retirement plan eventually, but I work a 9-5 job and running the social media and marketing portions of it can be pretty taxing. Right now we just have Facebook and Instagram and mostly focus on Google Ads for client outreach, but it can be hard to get a social media post up a week, let alone every month, on top of the rest of everything I got going on.

Any suggestions for how I could boost brand awareness on a budget? I'd love to hear about potential ways to program several posts at a time and have them launch on a timer, for example. Or if there's cheap ways to hire someone to do a couple hours a week of marketing work who presumably has more of an idea of what the hell they're doing, I'm open to that too. Basically uh, if anyone knows more about this than me and wants to offer some tips, I'm all ears.

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  • SatanIsMyMotorSatanIsMyMotor Fuck Warren Ellis Registered User regular
    Disclosure: I work for a huge global software company that sells these kinds of platforms.

    When it comes to scheduling content that's a fairly common feature for just about any social media engagement platform. That said, most of these are paid solutions that probably wouldn't be an ideal fit for someone doing this as a hobby. Something free like Tweetdeck may allow for post scheduling - but even if they do you'd still only be hitting twitter and would be ignoring FB/Instagram, etc.

    The question about growing your audience is a little bit trickier. The way we do it (and all the other companies) is by leveraging look-alike ad audiences based on attributes for your desired audience (ie: location, age, gender, certain interests, etc.). Again, these tend to be paid solutions but I do believe that the FB business manager also has these features baked in so you can do it all natively on the platform. Advertising on FB is actually pretty cheap too so there's a very low barrier to entry.

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