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[D&D 5E IC thread - Introducing the Cooperatives of Ravnica]



  • ranmasoloranmasolo Registered User regular
    Persuasion + 2 = 15.

  • DraconiclastDraconiclast Registered User regular
    The rat is concerned, but willing to let Vaamuj have a try at removing his harness.
  • DraconiclastDraconiclast Registered User regular
    Ending the game. Thanks everyone for giving it a shot. Be well.
  • MamaWolfMamaWolf The wolf pack guides all to safetyRegistered User regular
    I was having fun with this character!! Thanks @Draconiclast for running this!

    "May the moon watch over you and keep you safe through the night, 'till the morning comes and MamaWolf can protect you through the day"
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