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Where to buy a pin trading book / binder?

V1ncen7V1ncen7 Registered User new member
PAX is almost a month away and I'm trying to get ready to trade pins! I'm pretty new to pin trading and last year I saw people with books and binders to keep there pins in, while I had a box. Everyone was too busy flipping through each others books and binders to dig through my box. Where can I buy one of these pin books without spending too much money? I don't really know what they are called so I was having a hard time finding them online.



  • lanib2lanib2 Registered User new member
    Just wanted to pass along my own experience since I live in a place were I could not buy a pin folder or anything fancy. I went along to Office Works and Spotlight and made my own pin folder.

    So I got a ring binder with a zip (pins don't fall out), some felt to back the pins on, cross-stitch plastic back stuff (cut to page size) and page protectors plastic sleeves open on 2 sides.

    It has worked well and one folder holds 4-5 pages, with the page I just counted holding 37 pins.

    Best of luck to you.

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