[Game On?] Old World of Darkness: We Roll 10s



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    defrag wrote:
    Powerslave wrote:
    defrag wrote:
    I've got one (siliconenhanced) application. I'm guessing that means there just isn't enough interest in Werewolf.

    I guess you didn't get mine.

    I think you aren't getting applications because you really haven't given out any information regarding it beyond that it's a W:tA game. Or done much to bring it to people's attention.

    I remember what drew me to the game last time was the large [GAME ON] Werewolf thread title and decent description on what the setting and possible conflicts were.

    Well, and the fact that it was posted in G&T.
    Almost every other [GAME ON] had gotten off the ground, so I don't think your preferred location has much to do with it. It might have more to do with the fact that you've got one line in the OP and the details are on page 3 of possible Game On thread.

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    Oh, I'm still doing this, by the way. I just haven't had shit for time lately. I will send out e-mails/PMs to any interested parties within a week and hopefully we can start gaming before or shortly after X-mas.

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