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Made jewelry, how to find a wholesaler/reseller?

Aoi TsukiAoi Tsuki Registered User regular
Hi. My husband reminded me that this was a place to get solid advice like six years ago, and as it is still here, I am back with a fresh new problem.

So, I have recently been diagnosed with both ADHD and bipolar type II. This is a pretty lethal combination in many ways, one of which is that I have made over two hundred pieces of jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, and earrings) that I am not going to sell. I cannot fucking make myself do it. Drugs, therapy, sacrifices to dark entities, etc.--nothing has changed the fact that I have consistently failed all attempts to run an Etsy shop, attend local craft fairs, sell stuff a la carte on Facebook, and many, many more things that I've had to give up on. "How to make myself care" is not the question here, as it's a work in progress.

Rather, I'm getting annoyed that this stuff has been sitting in my closet for over two years. I also have lots of materials (spools of chain, charms, little loops/clasps) and would like to make more necklaces, but my family desperately needs any bit of income we can get, and any enjoyment I might derive from creating stuff is spooged upon by the knowledge that I'm just ignoring all these saleable goods. How do I find a reseller or wholesale person to buy it in bulk and allow me to recoup the cost of all the materials? Craigslist seems like a super terrible idea, and Facebook isn't much better. (I also don't want someone local thinking I have thousands of dollars in fine jewelry in my house. It's all Hobby Lobby creations, quite decent to sell to strangers but not sterling silver or anything worth more than, like, $20 for some of the prettier necklaces.)

Some people already have said stupid things, but I'm ignoring them because I just found a potato in my fridge that looks like it's smiling.


  • zepherinzepherin Registered User regular
    edited October 2019
    Unfortunately wholesalers generally want to partner with persons who they can buy from on a regular basis. Maybe check with local stores that do the same type of work. And they generally order stuff in huge quantities.

    If all else fails eBay all of them. Take pictures and put it in a box. And sell it as box of jewelry.

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  • CelestialBadgerCelestialBadger Registered User regular
    Can you get a trusted friend to run a stall for you for a cut of the profits?

  • RadiationRadiation Registered User regular
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    Depending on your area you can usually find a place that might be willing to just have a display filled with "local artist jewelry". Might be worth looking around the shops near you, then you basically just take them what you've made and what you want price wise. The may add an upcharge or charge rent maybe, depends on the store.
    This is especially handy if you have a robust inventory.

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  • CalicaCalica Registered User regular
    I'm not sure where you are, but there's a bead store in Wisconsin that does one-off displays from estate sales and such.

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  • Small Time CrookedSmall Time Crooked Post Malone's Hairdresser Des Plaines, ILRegistered User regular
    You can have pretty good luck on Instagram if you participate and interact with other users doing the same thing and target their followers. It’s not quick money, but it can be done.

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