Downloading all comments from all posts on FB page

RichyRichy Registered User regular
Hello everyone,

I am an admin on a Facebook page, and I want to download all comments posted on all posts (or at least a few hundred most recent posts) on the page. I would like a tool to do this all at once. So far, all the tools I find seem to only download comments from one post at a time, which is not useful for me because I'm not going to manually select one post after the other several hundred times.

I would like each comment to be traceable to the original post and positioned in a comment thread (timestamped is fine, but if I can have replies linked to the first message). Export to text, excel, or json is fine, we can post-process to the output we want from there. I have a work budget to pay for this tool if no free options exist.

I cannot find a solution for this. Is anyone familiar with such a tool?



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