trying to contact jerry or someone on the team., to beg them to help with my "charity"

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Hey, long story short, I am from a very small very poor area in Missouri, & I am trying to do my best to make a difference, by tabletop gaming & D&D. I have quite a bit of support on Facebook, but I just made this twitter account to try to contact more people, & see I can make this thing really gain some traction, now I don't want any money, but if you have like any ANY spare, or old stuff you don't want, dm screens, dice, any accessories, if you wouldn't mind to donate them to us so that we can keep playing in the face of hardships, that would be fantastic, if not then I understand & I hope you have a blessed holiday. If you would like to donate, however, even your trashiest dice sets or minis or whatever, we don't even have any of the actual books, we do our best playing off the stuff we can get for free online, then we would be more then grateful! thanks, & spread the word if you can. I do it for my friends, their kids, and my small cousins and the kids on the block really, most of them don't have good home lives, and this is the thing that we can do together, that isn't drugs or drinking & it allows us to realize that we can be more than this town. It just would mean so much... you have no idea, I am trying very hard, but I am currently working only freelance.. so, it's hard to afford stuff... I just want my community to be a good one that focuses more on what we could do together, instead of isolating ourselves with our problems, until we bust...
or if you have any suggestions on who I could go too, to get emails of people who could actually help...

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    Your best bet might be to try contacting them via twitter:

    Good luck.

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    Part of my current job is funding charitable works associated with my company and my area (sadly not Missouri and we are region locked), but I can share a bit about why, right now, you won't get much in the way of support at scale from organizations like mine or those who keep a significant amount of funds for supporting charitable works.

    If you are going to do charitable work and solicit donations, you won't be seen as credible without:
    • Being registered as a 501c3 nonprofit (actually being registered in such a way as donations are considered tax exempt and showing you are a real organization)
    • Meeting federal, state, and local requirements for nonprofits and registering appropriately
    • Having a site with formal mission statements, scope, fundraising strategies, and some form of fiscal accountability built into your company. Most importantly, you need to break down how, where, and when the funds will be spent, and have a realistic and detailed account of administrative costs (which there always are some, and if you aren't including those or claiming you are covering all administrative costs out of pocket you likely will be considered fake or fraudulent by many investors).
    • Being incorporated (seriously, doing good for the community is great, but you do face a lot of legal liability by soliciting donations. If someone donates and doesn't like what you are doing you, not the charity, may be subject to civil litigation unless properly registered)
    • Stop calling it a "charity" in scare quotes, doing so suggests it isn't a real nonprofit
    • Tailor your visual presence and signalling to your goal. Using a logo or a photo showing the charity at work is usually suggested, not personal headshots. You want the focus not to be on you for your web presence, but on the organization and the good works it does.

    There are a bunch of books you can pick up at your local library on setting up a 501c3. Once you are properly registered, getting set up with volunteer websites can be a great way to raise labor hours for larger events and help solicit a larger scale of donations than you would otherwise. A week of hard work and research will get you most of these things, along with a few minutes on Wix setting up a site about your charity. It may sound intimidating, but getting properly registered is a protection for you and your investors. There are so many scam non-profits out there that anyone with the resources to actually create change will likely ignore you outright unless you have taken the time to go through the steps.

    If you are serious about doing this awesome thing, go all in on it.

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    You absolutely cannot post contact info, even yours, and ask for donations or imply you want donations from anyone here of any kind.

    And it seems like all is dying, and would leave the world to mourn
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