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PC issues...

RightfulSinRightfulSin Registered User regular
Ok so I am having some major PC issues come about. I have upgraded my system from Windows 7 ultimate to windows 10 using the free upgrade. Anyhow, since upgrading I have been having major issues with my peripherals. The keyboard and network adapter are constantly dropping connection. The keyboard with turn the LEDs off and not respond, the adapter will simply drop connection and may work again when it is unplugged and reinserted.

Keyboard is a corsair vengeance K90.
Adapter is a Netgear N300 WNA3100
Motherboard is Asus M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3

Everything said it was up to date, but even just tonight the keyboard began disconnecting every 6 minutes or so. The windows connection chime woul sound and a box would say something along "Windows does not recognize the usb device". Thing is all these devices worked perfectly fine before the switch from 7bto 10.

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  • GnomeTankGnomeTank Registered User regular
    Go in to your Power Settings and make sure Windows isn't constantly putting the devices to sleep. There should be a way, per USB device, to tell Windows to never put it to sleep. I can't remember the exact UI path right now, but a quick glance at the UI, or a Google search for USB power options in Windows should turn it up.

    Additionally make sure you run all the latest Windows updates and let it update any drivers it thinks are out of date.

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  • tsmvengytsmvengy Registered User regular
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    This is for a wireless mouse, but for your items the steps are the same. Try the steps under "USB Power Management" and "USB Selective Suspending"

    And yes, run windows update and have it update drivers.

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  • RightfulSinRightfulSin Registered User regular
    Ok, so I am unsure what the hell happened last night. Last night I was trying to fix this issue (in fact this thread was made on my phone), but the keyboard completely lost it. It was rapidly disconnecting, reconnecting, not responding. The network adapter completely crapped out, it was not connecting at all. I bit the bullet and l reverted back in Windows7 Ultimate and reinstalled the stuff I really needed. I am now typing this using the same keyboard on the internet using the same network adapter. I thought that it was the usb ports themselves, but that's not the case; I plugged them into the same ports they were using in Windows 10, except now they are working again.

    However, the issue is what I am doing this for is still not working. I am trying to play Monster Hunter World Iceborne, but it still tanks my performance. I was able to run the base game, and when I was on Windows 10 I was able to run the game with the Iceborne dlc just fine, save the usb issues of randomly losing internet and thus my lobby. This is really annoying.

    "If nothing is impossible, than would it not be impossible to find something that you could not do?" - Me
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