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[Music] Makes the World Get Down



  • Crippl3Crippl3 oh noRegistered User regular
    edited February 2020

    Gorillaz are putting out new music every month, and calling it Song Machine. 12 tracks over the course of the year.
    First one is up there, Momentary Bliss featuring UK MC slowthai and American punk band Slaves.

    Noodle teased the next collaboration and uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it better not be a joke because it's something the fandom has wanted for years

    that's the cover to Tame Impala's Currents

    Crippl3 on
  • PeasPeas Registered User regular
    小説 夏と罰 (上) ver.EMA 3:49

  • ProlegomenaProlegomena Frictionless Spinning The VoidRegistered User regular
    Peas wrote: »
    Richard Dawson - Jogging (Official Video) 7:19

    I was going to say "what a strange man" but by his standards this is fairly normal.

  • PeasPeas Registered User regular
    Planet 1999 - Party (Official video) 2:50

  • PeasPeas Registered User regular
    edited February 2020
    Edit: doubled

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  • ChicoBlueChicoBlue Registered User regular
    [M/V] Eyedi(아이디) - Caffeine 3:18

    This is good song.

    The two note opening riff reminds me of MIB.

  • MrGrimoireMrGrimoire Pixflare Registered User regular
    I think Skynd is one of the more disturbing muscial acts I've seen. I'm not going to post a video as all their music is about serial-killers, and pretty explicit about what they did. Got to see them live as they were the warm-up to Babymetal and I was definitely not prepared.

    Though Babymetal are a real firework live. To see them on stage has been on my bucket list for a while, so I'm happy to finally be able to check that off. Will go see them again if they get the opportunity.

  • StraightziStraightzi Here we may reign secure, and in my choice, To reign is worth ambition though in HellRegistered User regular
    There was also a new The World/Inferno Friendship Society album released last Friday, apparently

    I didn't really like their last album as much as I wanted to, and I'm not sure they'll ever make it back to their heights of Red Eyed Soul/Addicted to Bad Ideas era, but on a first listen I am definitely enjoying this a bit more

  • KetarKetar Come on upstairs we're having a partyRegistered User regular
    Ok, it's not a sad girl cover, but I found this while looking for music for trivia tonight and I think @Rorshach Kringle needs to know about it.

    Rorshach KringleLucedesCrippl3
  • JuggernutJuggernut Registered User regular
    The video is deffo NSFW but goddamn Findlay's Electric Bones is a banger and has been in my head for a hot minute.

  • JuggernutJuggernut Registered User regular
    Listening to some of her other stuff it sounds like somebody smashed K.Flay and Jack White together and it's weird and I like it.

  • ProlegomenaProlegomena Frictionless Spinning The VoidRegistered User regular
    My spotify release radar has somehow got the impression that I'm really keen all of a sudden on european pop music that isn't in English, but if more of it is like this

    then maybe I am keen

  • BrainleechBrainleech 機知に富んだコメントはここにあります Registered User regular
    Back in the vanilla stress test for classic wow I got stuck in a line waiting for a certain mob and I remembered this song for some reason

  • PeasPeas Registered User regular
    edited February 2020
    Tatsuro Yamashita - Kiss 5:56

    Song: Kiss kara hajimaru Mystery (Kissからはじまるミステリー)
    Artist : Tatsuro Yamashita (山下達郎)

    Tatsuro Yamashita - Misty Mauve 4:48

    From his 2002 album Rarities.
    Composed by Yamashita with lyrics by Mariya Takeuchi. Originally sung and released on Masayuki Suzuki's 1988 album Radio Days.

    Peas on
  • JuggernutJuggernut Registered User regular
    Findlay is hot fire and I have a terrible crush on her now. It brings me no pleasure to report this. Except it does.

  • Virgil_Leads_YouVirgil_Leads_You Proud Father House GardenerRegistered User regular
    I've been stuck on this cover.

  • DirtyboyDirtyboy Registered User regular
    edited February 2020
    Slipknot - Unsainted at BBC Maida Vale Studios for the Radio 1 Rock Show

    Slipknot - Duality at BBC Maida Vale Studios for the Radio 1 Rock Show

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  • Lost SalientLost Salient blink twice if you'd like me to mercy kill youRegistered User regular
    There's a whole album of John Bucchino songs that I quite like but sometimes I just revisit one or two and cry on my couch like the adult-ass adult I am

    Here are two!

    Judy Collins does a version of this song actually accompanied by Bucchino but frankly Barbara Cook's version is definitive for me

    "Sandra has a good solid anti-murderer vibe. My skin felt very secure and sufficiently attached to my body when I met her. Also my organs." HAIL SATAN
  • XaquinXaquin Right behind you!Registered User regular

    I'm already going to see the Dead Kennedys, DOA, Highly Suspect, The Black Crowes, and Roger Waters this year and now Rage Against the Machine is coming to DC

    need .... more money

  • PeasPeas Registered User regular
    [1984] Jun Miyake ‎– Especially Sexy [Full Album] 34:37

  • JuggernutJuggernut Registered User regular
    In the Hozier song "Movement" there's a part where he says

    "Move like grey skies
    Move like a bird of paradise
    Move like an odd sight come out at night"

    But I swear to god it sounds like he's saying "Move like a nutsack come out at night"

    I just thought everybody should know that.

  • honoverehonovere Registered User regular
    I'm very in the mood for Kesha's Potato Song right now

    ChincymcchillaLindsay Lohan
  • XaquinXaquin Right behind you!Registered User regular
    Rage Against The Machine tickets purchased!

    from ticketmaster for an insane fee


    that's a fuckin radical bombtrack?

    The Judge
  • The JudgeThe Judge The Terwilliger CurvesRegistered User regular
    RATM/RTJ tickets just went on sale in Portland and I'm in the back of a loooooooong-ass virtual line. Fingers crossed. I don't want to miss live de la Rocha verses.

    Last pint: Extra Pale Ale / Pfriem
    Untappd: TheJudge_PDX
  • XaquinXaquin Right behind you!Registered User regular
    good luck!

    I was 1500 in line and it took me maybe 3 minutes

    also, I got somewhat decent seats

  • The JudgeThe Judge The Terwilliger CurvesRegistered User regular
    edited February 2020
    I'm going on 30 and still 2k+ in front. Blarrrrrgh.

    In the meantime . . .

    Edit: Hahahahahahahaha, yeah that was a pipe dream. Oh well, I'll check the resale market.

    The Judge on
    Last pint: Extra Pale Ale / Pfriem
    Untappd: TheJudge_PDX
  • PeasPeas Registered User regular
    kojikoji/いつかのDays(Official Music Video) 3:38

  • JuggernutJuggernut Registered User regular
    edited February 2020
    Nathaniel Rateliff's new album drops tomorrow. Here's an interview he did about it and it pretty much cements him as one of my favorite singer/songwriters of all times. There's always a strong undercurrent of melancholy to his work that I relate to a lot.
    All of us have this unexplainable brokenness that sometimes we don’t talk about and we don’t share. It is a part of us being human, and I want people to be able to talk about that, to be vulnerable and to share that with each other. Because if you don’t, these things just become such a burden, and you feel like you’re the only person in the world that feels that way. But we all feel that way.

    And a new track

    Juggernut on
  • XaquinXaquin Right behind you!Registered User regular
    sorry Judge =(

    that sucks

  • DirtyboyDirtyboy Registered User regular
    Billie Eilish - No Time To Die (Audio)

  • LuvTheMonkeyLuvTheMonkey High Sierra Serenade Registered User regular
    This is a very good Bond theme.

    Molten variables hiss and roar. On my mind-forge, I hammer them into the greatsword Epistemology. Many are my foes this night.
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  • PeasPeas Registered User regular
    Barry White - You're My First My Last My Everything 4:35

  • astrobstrdastrobstrd So full of mercy... Registered User regular
    Just discovered Girl Friday and wow this track rips. I love the harmonies and the tempo/tenor shift.

    Selling the Scream Podcast: https://anchor.fm/jeremy-donaldson
  • KanaKana Registered User regular
    There's not really much kpop that I come back to after the first couple of listens, but I'm extremely fond of Sunmi's whole thing

    A trap is for fish: when you've got the fish, you can forget the trap. A snare is for rabbits: when you've got the rabbit, you can forget the snare. Words are for meaning: when you've got the meaning, you can forget the words.
  • LucedesLucedes keeps happening for some reason Registered User regular

    DELTA金TOPCO - History Magic ● Windows彡96 Remix
    it's a 2017 remix of a 2014 vaporwave track which samples ??? not sure.

  • Munkus BeaverMunkus Beaver Registered User, ClubPA regular
    it's me

    the guy with garbage music tastes

    I like powerwolf

    Twitch Channel
    Steam: munkus_beaver
    Humor can be dissected, as a frog can, but it dies in the process.
  • Crippl3Crippl3 oh noRegistered User regular

    happy valentine's day, se++

  • AngelHedgieAngelHedgie Registered User regular
    Speaking of albums dropping today, the newest from Huey Lewis and the News, Weather, is out.

    XBL: Nox Aeternum / PSN: NoxAeternum / NN:NoxAeternum / Steam: noxaeternum
  • JuggernutJuggernut Registered User regular
    I had wondered what Brian Poshen had been up to other than being in a Mandalorian

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