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The Dynamic Process with Peter Han

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Promised Land Art Festival 2017 | The Dynamic Process with Peter Han 57:31

Peter Han, a freelance concept artist, currently focusing on teaching, believes that the fundamentals of sketching will always be part of any creative industry that requires a visual form of communication. In the lecture, he goes over the basics of his dynamic creative process.
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    edited February 2020
    Training Yourself to Draw From Imagination - Peter Han 28:08

    The live streams have been on a slight delay due to working on the new book, but I will be back at them soon. In the mean time I hope people will look to checking out the feed on my Twitch channel as I have uploaded most of the videos I have done up to this point. Here is the very first live stream on twitch I had done, as you can see it was recorded on my phone and not the same orientation. As I build more videos into the future I will most likely start sharing chunks instead of the whole feed on youtube~

    Dynamic Sketching 1 with Peter Han 15:22

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