My mother published her book... and I hate it :(



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    I saw this thread on the front page, and opened it on a curious whim thinking "it must be boring or not very good".


    RU I feel for you. I hope you manage to resolve this while not only keeping your relationship with your mother intact, but also hopefully helping her to grow as a person.

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    So, mom, had her book launch in our hometown. She got featured in the local paper and reached out to a number of her former students (she's a retired teacher) to generate word-of-mouth.

    I didn't see much feedback besides the standard type of "congratulations" from family and friends, and the newspaper article did not provide a critique of her work, so I don't know how much reach this will have, but there it is. As for where she goes from here, well, I guess that depends on whether there's any follow-through from readers and other potential clients. Guess we'll see.

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