Ebay / Paypal dispute over fake beyblade

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Hey everyone, just wanting some advice on the best way to go about with an ebay/paypal dispute and return a fake product and get their money back.

My girlfriend's son bought a beyblade online and when he got it he's convinced it's a fake or knockoff. I haven't seen it myself so can't tell. My girlfriend and son are not experienced internet shoppers at all, this is the 2nd thing they've ever bought online so they've asked me for help.

I'm going to take a look at the listing later to see if I can find the things to 'look out for' (if any), but in the event that they want to return it and get their money back, any advice on the process to follow? They bought it on ebay and paid with paypal.

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    I have never even touched a Beyblade, but a cursory bit of Google'ing indicates that this isn't an uncommon things, and there seem to be a variety of articles and videos regarding how to ascertain if one is fake or not, so if you're unsure, it might be worth brushing up there first, or at least to have available as reference material if it's a bit harder to judge.

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    Start by pulling the listing he won. One of them should have emails from eBay or PayPal with the listing number.

    See if the listing has any data about returns. Barring that, check eBay's return/refund policy.

    PayPal generally protects the purchaser more than the seller, so you may have some luck with them as well.

    And as always: internet rando disclaimer - he may just be out that money.

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    Thanks for that. Looking at the listing vs pictures of the bey blade it's pretty obvious not a real one and not as pictured on the listing.

    She's going to contact the seller -- the seller specifically says if given the wrong item or it doesn't match the listing they'll refund it and pay shipping. So we'll see.

    I'll tell you what though. Walking someone through this over the phone was about as painful as could be.

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    It's worth giving the seller a chance as it'll be quicker, but if you raise a dispute through the eBay system then 99% chance you'll get the money back eventually. Paypal is pretty good a protecting the purchaser in these situations.

    I imagine the seller will send the refund though, they know when they're selling knockoffs and they know the system will find in your favour so they just want it done and over with without a mark against them in the dispute system.

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