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Trying to meet artists. Here is my stuff.

Arc-TangentArc-Tangent Registered User regular
Hi, I'm trying to expand my personal network of art-nerds. Since I'm still riding my post PAX unplugged buzz, I thought I'd try out the forums here.

Here is some of my stuff. Feel free to tell me my shortcomings, I am far from a professional.




  • IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator mod
    Welcome Arc!

    Really enjoying these pallets, though some of them are a little dark (the spiderman one and the last one) on my monitor.

    What sort of feedback are you looking for? Are you aiming to be a professional in a particular wing of the arts, or are you just trying to keep generally improving for your own sake? Both are valid, but might change the sort of feedback you need to seek out.

    My most general assessment is that the lighting is a little all over the place, and a little study in that area might really help support your full illustrations. You have nice lines and it can sometimes be a bit distracting to try and balance having good lines with studying light and volume. In some instances, and it looks like you have a little mucha in your influences, having work that reads as both having volume in some areas, but flat in others is a fun choice to make. Looking at the forest illustration, though, it looks like the classic coloring of someone who is a bit more used to lines fully taking the weight of defining forms. Our resources forum is pretty quiet, but I still think it has a ton of good links in it.

    One thing that's great to do is to sit down and think critically about your own work. I made a template for this a while ago for new years, and I think its a positive exercise: Highly recommend giving it a shot! Feel free to post your thoughts here :)

  • acadiaacadia Registered User regular
    Hello! Welcome! First image is my favorite, though that DnD crew in the middle there is a close second. The art you've posted feels very developed, and it's clear that your process can result in sharp lines and clean colors. I'd love to see some process stuff to see how you get from sketch to finished piece, which would provide some more opportunities for targeted criticism. The only real criticism I can offer to these is that some (not all) but some of your figures can feel a little stiff in the pose. The party portrait doesn't feel like that, but Welt feels a little unnatural to me, the first one as well. I'm also seeing a lot of 3/4 view heads, but again that DnD party portrait stands apart. All in all some very good work and I'm excited to see more!

  • Arc-TangentArc-Tangent Registered User regular
    @Iruka Thanks for the compliments! I am not trying to be a professional. Not really. But I would still like to get to a semi-professional level, for my own enjoyment. I think you are correct and I should work on some lighting studies. Maybe I will set up some still life compositions this month and grind out some traditional art to work on that.

  • Arc-TangentArc-Tangent Registered User regular
    @acadia I think you spotted my biggest flaws really well. I always end up stiffening my poses when I try to polish up the finished product, and I lean on the crutch of a 3/4 head view constantly. Thank you for the encouragement.

    Side note: Dude, I know you! :D We met at a con years ago with Joey, Zac, and James!

  • acadiaacadia Registered User regular
    @Arc-Tangent Holy crap! Aw I miss those guys. That had to have been like 10 years ago. Geez, time, slow down will ya?

  • ninjaj03ninjaj03 Registered User new member
    Arc, these are really nice. My first impression is the color which are sumptuous and dark. I would suggest trying to use some bland color pallets and then pick just one or two things to use the sumptuous colors on. This will create some natural focus.

    Also, from the above comment about stiffening up when going to final art. This a struggle many artist have, including me. I recommend practice drawing in your final unchangeable medium. Done enough this will help you break out. For me, practicing traditional Sumi-e inking really helped.

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    MNC Dover
  • barcsbarcs ireland Registered User regular
    love your colour choices! the dnd party is particularly great!

  • zehailiuzehailiu assistant arch mage croatiaRegistered User regular
    Very vibrant, nicely done! Love Rho particularly.

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