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[PbtA] Wide-open Ancient Greek Sandbox game

tibbiustibbius Registered User new member
I want a game where the players' characters can fight a hydra, cajole a king, build a village, run a forge, go hunting, negotiate a truce, court a spouse, raise children, or care for their elders, all using the same mechanics.

I also like one-page rules sheets. And cubic dice.

I kicked around a few different d6-based mechanics, and came up with rules where the characters' abilities are defined by their Virtues and Assets. Character generation is partly random, so you can never be sure who you'll end up playing (the mysterious workings of the Moirai).

One suggestion I've already received is that it might be interesting to add more plot-drivers to the character generation tables.

Would anyone be interested in playtesting this?


  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    I would suggest turning this into a design thread and posting what you’ve got over the next week or so. Once you have something people can read ask folks again.

  • tibbiustibbius Registered User new member
    There's a link to the rules in my signature.

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