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My choir wants to make a short video featuring clips from our past concerts, to be shared over Zoom in an upcoming event.

All our videos are on YouTube, so I would have liked to just make a playlist with custom start/stop times. It looks like YouTube used to have this ability, but Google killed it after a little while because of course they did.

I found some online sites, listeononrepeat and diskyt, that said they did the same thing, but the former doesn't really work well -- there's a jarring skip when it loads each video -- and the latter seems to be defunct.

I have the source files, so failing a handy third party site or browser extension, is there any free software that painlessly cuts and merges videos of varying formats and resolutions? I could download the videos from YouTube to match resolutions, but the lowest common denominator is going to be 360p. Some nice-to-have features would be the ability to add fade in/fade out effects and superimpose text (the year, maybe the name of the concert).


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    I've done some similar work using VSDC. For what you're talking about it's pretty painless to stitch different clips together into a chain, or cut small clips from larger ones.

    It's free, which is why I used it. It's got a lot of additional tools that can be overwhelming . But for putting clips in a row: just open a new project, drag and drop the clips in, then move them around on the timeline. It'll output a single video file that you can upload back to YouTube or share over Zoom.

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