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    Kay wrote: »
    Don't worry, I'm good with procs. Despite the 95% hit check there, yours looks like it's got pretty low accuracy potentially with 6 procs and no accuracy buffs.


    Nah you could think of it with 5 procs but if you stay at 95% vs +4 thats good enough.Martial Combat has Reach of the Limit that buffs additional +To Hit. With higher defender numbers that should no problem as well. I run DA story arc or farm maps at +4/x8 so it seems to working for me.

    In case of Blasters you can e.g. split Superiors Blaster's Wrath IO threefold for 3*+15%ACC bonus, throw in +6 To Hit from Kismet IO and a additional power like RotL that buffs +To Hit, you got a working base for a build.

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    Yeah, Defenders don't get RotL though, obvs.

    I've got plenty of global accuracy, but some builds struggle (without Tactics) to hit the sweet spot of 95% vs +4s. Mine's got good accuracy vs +4s and pretty incredible damage for a defender, with the added bonus of All Those Tasty Debuffs. :9

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    Kay wrote: »
    Ringo wrote: »
    I agree, playing a defender is like taking a poison/dp: very poopy

    Counterpoint: Fire Blast.

    You can take all your facts and evidence and toss 'em!

    Defenders: Not Even Once

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    I know my last visit to my grandpa on his deathbed was to find out how the whole Nazi werewolf thing turned out.
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    Fifteen years ago. Damn.

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    WeX Majors wrote: »
    Fifteen years ago. Damn.

    Greetings from 2008, where the pixels are jaggy but we get by.


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